Just when I think that it can't get any worse I get news that it can.

Today I was told that this week the Nicaragua administration that governs the adoption process in Nicaragua announced on TV that they are planning on closing the option for foreign adoptions and will close all private ran orphanages. Instead, children will be put in foster homes all over the country.

This is serious guys. This is much bigger than dealing with Isamar's dad this is dealing with the Nicaraguan government.

There has been a lot of issues going on within the administration lately but no one knew exactly what.

How does this affect me and Terry? If they put this plan (that is not legal that we can tell) into place we will have lost any and every chance at getting the girls and the many many parents that are waiting on children will have lost their chances also.

As for them closing the private ran orphanages that means that 1,000's of children will be taken back to abusive homes, given to people who don't want them or even taken to over crowded government ran orphanages, who knows at this point but it will be a horrible situation for all of these innocent children.

This requires a great deal of prayer from everyone. We have to pray that God's will be done in these kids lives and not the will of man.

We are not fighting against flesh and blood here guys we are fighting against the enemy who would love for all the Christian families who are adopting to lose that opportunity.

Please I beg you all that are reading this to make this a top priority on your prayer list daily. Prayer can move mountains and it will take all of us petitioning the Lord to change what could possibly happen.

There was no exact date on when this would take place or how it would happen but exactly but if they went as far as telling it on national TV you can bet they are working on making it happen if at all possible.

Please, please pray for all the innocent children who will be affected by this decision.

Pray for wisdom for us. We just bought tickets yesterday to fly to Nic on Oct. 13th to hire a new lawyer to try and save our chances in getting the girls. We are not sure what we will need to do now.