Heading Down South in a Week

I'm so excited that by this time next week I will be on a plane to Nicaragua for 14 days. The first half will be with a team of 31 as I will be working for the ministry I work for called Ambassadors To The Nations and the second half I will be in Somotillo doing my own thing. :)

Please be in prayer for this trip as I am leaving my husband who has been down in his back for 3 weeks. He is having a lot of pain and needs help so I his healing to come forth before I leave so I can rest that he is taken care of.

Also pray that the hearts of everyone will be open to hear once again how much God loves them. Each trip my prayer is that this trip will be the one that changes someone's life.

If you sponsor a child with Operation Education your letters to your kids were due already. Please get them in as I have received only a handful. I have never been in the army but I have heard stories of men who counted every minute to hear them name being called when the mail arrived, its like that in my community. The kids are always hoping they have received a letter from you. It does not have to be a huge letter. Just a word to encourage them and tell them God loves them. Please send it ASAP if you can. You can email it if you have to.

There is still time to help with the food and the Chicken farm if you had planned on donating toward that. I still need a lot toward the food and about $100 toward the Chicken farm.

God Bless each of you that has already support these projects. I really appreciate it. You guys are the best and I appreciate every penny.

If you are on Facebook make sure you are my friend so that this trip you can give up to date info. I hope to have a cell phone that has internet on it this trip.

Thanks again for all your prayers. Please pray for me all the time but especially from July 31st - August 13th.

Love you guys,



The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC 28214

July 2015 Newsletter

Happy 4th of July to all of you. It is great that today we can celebrate our freedom. Some days I wonder how long it will be until the freedoms we have will no longer be. This is a time that all of us need to be in prayer for our country. Things have slowed down a little for me this past month and I'm glad because I need the rest since I will be headed to Nicaragua for 14 days at the end of the month. I will leave with my first team on July 31st and on the 7th after I send them home, myself, my son Logan and 3 other friends will travel to Somotillo to see my families. It will be a long trip but will be worth every minute of it.

Do you shop at Amazon? Starting today your purchases can be a blessing to this ministry. All you have to do is go to http://smile.amazon.com instead of the normal www.amazon.com. You will be able to select Power Of One Ministry from the list of organizations you can support.  Your shopping experience will be the same. The bargains will be the same. Your payment methods will be the same. The difference is that Amazon will donate .05% back to the ministry. Its really easy, just select us from the list of organizations and start shopping. You must always be on the smile.amazon.com page in order for me to get the credit.

It is time to get new pictures and register the Operation Education kids for the next school year. I currently have 106 kids in the program and I'm excited to say as of now they are all still in school this year. So many kids start the year off and quit before the year ends because of a lack of funds or they need to work to support the family. I am so glad our kids are not forced to do that.

As always there will be opportunity to sponsor one of my kids. Usually I have repeat sponsors so I end up with around 20-25 that will need a sponsor. The cost will still be $35 this year. This covers their school uniforms, a backpack, shoes and school supplies. Please keep your eyes out for the newsletter letting you know they are available. If you already sponsor a child you also will need to let me know if you are going to continue sponsoring your child. If I do not hear from you by the middle of August I will assume you are not going to re-sponsor your child/children and they will be put on the website for sponsorship.***Those of you who usually tell me at Camp Meeting you want to renew need to tell me also by Mid August. I can't wait until Camp meeting this year to find out***

I sent out an email about different projects going on in the community. Those needs still exist except for the Hotel. Thanks to a generous partner that need has been met.

The 2 remaining needs are:

$350 to sponsor a chicken farm for the community. This trip every family will receive several pounds of chicken per household. These families rarely get meat. Once a year if they are lucky. This project will allow them to receive free chicken each time I come as well as be able to purchase it at a very discounted rate when I am not there. This project affects 275 people in the community and will be a huge blessing to their diet.

Food for the Families - each time I go I spend up to $1100 on food for the community. This provides them with at least a months worth of food if not two months depending on the household size. The price changes each trip that I go because just like here grocery prices change all the time. If you would like to support this project any amount would help.

If you sponsor a child and would like to help purchase a bag of food for your child's home or you would just like to be a part of this project, please send your donation to me no later than July 24th.

Sponsors if you want to send your child a letter or a gift (gift needs to be no larger than a Walmart size bag) please also have that to me no later than July 24th also.

We will be blessing the community with TONS of awesome things. I have new shirts for all the woman and teens, tons of soccer cleats and clothes for the boys, tons of baseball stuff for the kids and for a nearby school that they attend. It will take us quite a while to get organized when we do arrive. Even our new hotel is getting a new microwave and toaster oven.

I am going with great expectations that God has great plans for our team. I know he is sending us there for a reason and I can't wait to be used by him.

Please pray for us as we travel, for our families we leave behind and for the many hearts we will be reaching. Pray they will be open to the Word and open to receiving Jesus.

God Bless each of you  and thanks to all those who have blessed this ministry either financially or prayerfully. I need it all. Your continual support is what keeps these families learning the Word.


The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC  28214 704-236-5550

Donate online at http://www.thepowerofoneministry.org/donate/

Amazon Smile - https://smile.amazon.com/ch/20-4838054


And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40

Pictures of our Chicken Farm

11289955_689597941163290_1742411940_n (1)11275757_689597934496624_249269141_n10574725_689597931163291_879076400_n (1)

Pictures of a bag of food the families will receive


June 2015 Newsletter - Current Projects

June has arrived and before I know it July will be here and I will be on my way back to Nicaragua. Not much has gone on this past month but here are some updates and some new projects going on.

Answered Prayers:

The truck I use while I am in Nicaragua had the transmission go out on it. I am happy to say that it has been fixed. God Bless a cheerful giver who helped make this happen.

3 students continue to go to college from this community. They are the first of the community to ever attend college and they have just finished all their exams for the first semester. They all passed and are very excited to continue. Thanks to monthly supporters who sow into this ministry otherwise these kids would not be able to attend college.

Tons of new clothes, baseball equipment and uniforms, over 100 soccer jerseys and shorts (Thanks Castanea Presbyterian Church) and socks are on their way to Nicaragua on a container that left on Friday. I was blessed to put tons of stuff on the container this time. I wished I could have let my sponsors send things to their kids but it was a last minute notice that I received allowing me to add things to the container. I am so excited. I will be making a lot of people very happy in August with all clothes and equipment they will be receiving. Can't wait to see them.

Pastor Arturo was robbed last week and they took his backpack and cell phone and beat him up but Praise God he is safe and ok. Thank God for the protection over his life. Pray for him as I am sure this was a scary situation.

I am starting to get yard sale stuff coming in so please remember your junk is my treasures.. :) I need to raise a lot of money to help send me and my son to Nic in August so any thing you think will sell I want. The yard sale is next Saturday. If you have nothing to do and would like to come and help me I could use your hands that day. Just let me know if you can help or if you have things you can donate.

Special Projects:

I have several projects going on in Nicaragua and wanted to share them with you in case you would like to get involved.

I have had several of you tell me to let you know when I have projects going on so that you can participate with me since you can't actually go with me to Nicaragua so I decided this time I would share the needs.

Chicken Farm - $500

This project is to provide money to a family as a mico-loan so that he can start a chicken business. The purpose of this business is not for eggs but for selling of the chickens. The money will be used to purchase chickens, food, feeding device, immunizations and fix a chicken coop.

Every 45 days the chickens grow to a size enough to be eaten so they will be killed only for food. The chickens will then be sold to the families who live in the surrounding communities. The money received from the sell of the chickens will buy the next round of chickens, food and immunizations and grow the farm.

Instead of the owner paying back the loan he will in turn give free chicken to the families of my community each batch until he has paid back the loan amount.  He will also sell the chicken to my community at a discounted rate.

My families hardly ever get meat. Some may have money to buy the chicken from time to time but most will only get it from the free chicken they will receive but this will be more than they have ever received in a years time.

The reason they don't use the chickens for eggs is that it takes special food and immunizations in order for the chickens to produce even 1 egg a day. The heat is so hot that without a good chicken house and all the food the chickens just can't produce and the money to raise the chickens is needed more for rice and beans.

If you would like to help in this project and the future of this project. Any money received over the amount needed will be used to enhance this project as it goes forward.

Here are some pictures of what they have started so far.

10574725_689597931163291_879076400_n (1)





11289955_689597941163290_1742411940_n (1)

Groceries for a Month - $1100

For years I have been feeding the families in my community each trip I go. Some tell me that I have the food Angel. It never fails that I show up just in time. It seems that the months I am in Nicaragua are some of the worse months for the community. In March there is no rain and the crops have not grown and its really hot which makes work more difficult so money is low, in August it is rainy season and work slows down which means less money and less food, in December it is the end of rainy season and they have not worked for months which makes it the most desperate month for food.

There are 70 families in my community that I support. Depending on the cost of beans and rice it takes about $15-$20 per family to buy 10lbs of beans and rice and some coffee and oil. This last a typical family of 4 a month if they eat normally. Most only eat one meal a day. That's there normal lifestyle. How would you like to feed your family of 4 for a month on $15-$20.











My New Hotel - $1000

Recently I was blessed to raise money to change from the yucky hotel to a friends house. We remodeled her house, the bathroom, bedrooms, purchased a water tank, air conditioner and beds. Unfortunately we ran into issues with the installation of the tanks, the air conditioner and other things. In every project it never turns out how you want it to. In order to complete the 2nd bedroom and install another air conditioner we will need more money. If you didn't get to sow into this project the first time, you now have a chance.








We need to close this ceiling and add an air conditioner to this room.

Some people tell me how they wish they could go with me but due to many personal issues in their lives they can't. This is your chance. Supporting these projects allows you to be a part of it from a distance.

God is doing great things in this community and there is great fruit being displayed. I hope that you can see by the newsletter the work that is going on there and the investments that many of you have already made.

I stand in awe at what God has done since I started working in this community and I am excited to see what He has in store for the future.

If you feel led to support any or all of these projects please feel free to send a donation to the address below. If you would like to pay by credit card you can do so at my donations page online. The only difference is there is a 2.9% charge that they take for using the credit card. If you have a PayPal account already you can send a gift to my email address and they will not take the 2.9%.

I commit to you that all monies received for any project go only to that project. I raise all my personal money by working extra jobs to pay for my upcoming trips so I promise all the money will go directly to the project.

I need to collect the donations for these projects by the end of June. Any amount makes a huge difference.

As always I am so grateful that you sow into this ministry and allow God to use your seed to grow new lives into the Kingdom of God.

God Bless each of you. Please keep these projects in your prayers. Together we can move mountains.



The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC  28214


December 2014 Newsletter

December is my favorite time of the year. Its the time I get to see all my family in one month. My Nicaraguan family, my blood family and Terry's family. Living in North Carolina and having no family here means traveling is the only option if I want to see them. Terry and I will be leaving on December 9th to Nicaragua to see my Nic family. I am so excited I can hardly control myself. We will be having the wedding this trip with 14 couples and we will be attending the graduations of the Operation Education preschoolers, middle and high schoolers. It will be my first time getting to attend the ceremonies. I can't wait to see them in their cap and gowns. They are so excited and proud of themselves and so are we.

We will return on the 17th and shortly after travel to Virginia to see the rest of my family. We only see my mom and Terry's mom once a year.

I have been extremely busy this month getting all the stuff ready for the wedding. We have had to pay for not only the licenses but for the legal paperwork that each couple has to have. It has made me realize just how poor these people are. For example, here in the US we have a birth certificate and a SSN # that we use as a proof of citizenship, in Nicaragua they have the same type of information. Not one couple of the 14 had in their possession this type of paperwork. In their entire lives they have not had the money to pay the office holding this information until now. We were able to pay to get their marriage license, birth certificates and their ID so they can all be legal in the countries eyes and in God's eyes. This is a huge blessing to them. Now they can use these documents to register for other benefits they have not been able to in the past. From time to time the government will give out free stuff to people but you have to have proof of identification to receive it so now these families will be able to. Praise God for a dual blessing.

Pastor Arturo is preparing the couples with a marriage class this coming week. Pray that any of the people participating who do not know Jesus will see the need to not only get married and make a commitment to their wife but they will make a commitment to Christ.

During our week in Nicaragua we will be joined by two other ladies from Michigan. Our hopes are to bless the families with many things but especially with the Word. Pray we are able to speak to the families in a way that speaks to their hearts. The wedding will be a great opportunity to speak to the entire community at once. I have not had that privilege before.

In addition to the wedding and the graduations we will be blessing our Operation Education kids with their uniforms, backpacks and school supplies. Its an exciting time every year. The kids last day of school is this week and they will start again in February. Thanks to all the sponsors who helped to make this possible.

OPERATION EDUCATION SPONSORS - if you are sending your child a letter I need it ASAP. Please send it in as soon as you can.  If you are sending a financial blessing toward food for Christmas I need to quickly. I will have to deposit it so I can take it out of the bank by Friday of this week. If you are late getting it to me I will only be able to except cash after Thursday so please get it in the mail quickly.

I appreciate another great year on the mission field. Many lives have been affected and none of this could have been done without your support.

**** I have 3 more kids that need sponsors. I don't have pictures of them yet but have their names. If you wanted to sponsor a child and didn't get to me in time now is your chance. I have two teen girls and a 10 year old boy. If you are interested please email me. *****

Here are the prayers needs for this trip. I would appreciate you lifting them up on our behalf.

1. Pray for the hearts of my community to be open. This will be my first visit since the boy was killed by lightening. I hope to talk to them about that also.

2. Pray all the pieces come together to make the wedding the best ever. I want them to have the best day ever.

3. Pray for the fiances needed to cover all the wedding needs and other ministry needs will be provided. God has already blessed me beyond my dreams but there are some other needs that have not been met as of this time.

4. Pray for the hearts of the men getting married to be opened to hearing the Gospel. Most of the women are believers but hardly any of the men are.

5. Pray for safety and protection over our team as well as our families we are leaving behind.

I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and will have a Blessed Christmas. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

God Bless each of you,

Angie, Terry and family

The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC 28214





Tragedy In La Ceibita

Last Sunday in the community there was a horrible freak of nature that occurred. My soccer team was playing a pickup game on the field in the community and a storm came up very fast. There was a flash flood that came through the community and when the water came there was a huge lightening storm that came also.

The team told us that a huge strike of lightening struck and killed one of my players, Jose Alexander Quintero Hernandez. He was only 23 years old.

Jose was a player on my baseball team and my soccer team. He was married to Juanita and had a little boy named Juan Angel, age 2.

His parents are Vidal Quintero Rios and Sebastiana Ramirez Cadena, please keep them in your prayers as they are struggling from the unexpected loss of their son.

When Jose was struck the lightening traveled from his arms and hit two other players Deybis y Elieser. Both of them survived but are struggling to understand why they lived and Jose did not. Pastor Arturo says the entire community is very sad and very overwhelmed by this death.

I was able to wire money to help with the funeral thanks to one of my sponsors. The community came together and blessed the family and helped with the arrangements. The soccer players were the pallbearers and buried him in his uniform.

Here are pictures so you can put a face with the family as you pray for them.









































Please keep the entire family and community in your prayers as they work through this tragic time in their lives. Pray that this will open doors for Pastor Arturo to minister to them on a personal level to help them process their feelings about this situation.

Thanks in advance for your prayer support for this family.