Tragedy In La Ceibita

Last Sunday in the community there was a horrible freak of nature that occurred. My soccer team was playing a pickup game on the field in the community and a storm came up very fast. There was a flash flood that came through the community and when the water came there was a huge lightening storm that came also.

The team told us that a huge strike of lightening struck and killed one of my players, Jose Alexander Quintero Hernandez. He was only 23 years old.

Jose was a player on my baseball team and my soccer team. He was married to Juanita and had a little boy named Juan Angel, age 2.

His parents are Vidal Quintero Rios and Sebastiana Ramirez Cadena, please keep them in your prayers as they are struggling from the unexpected loss of their son.

When Jose was struck the lightening traveled from his arms and hit two other players Deybis y Elieser. Both of them survived but are struggling to understand why they lived and Jose did not. Pastor Arturo says the entire community is very sad and very overwhelmed by this death.

I was able to wire money to help with the funeral thanks to one of my sponsors. The community came together and blessed the family and helped with the arrangements. The soccer players were the pallbearers and buried him in his uniform.

Here are pictures so you can put a face with the family as you pray for them.









































Please keep the entire family and community in your prayers as they work through this tragic time in their lives. Pray that this will open doors for Pastor Arturo to minister to them on a personal level to help them process their feelings about this situation.

Thanks in advance for your prayer support for this family.