May 2014 Newsletter

Can you believe it is May already. I sure can't.  Time is flying by. I just got home from Nicaragua on Thursday which was an awesome trip. I didn't go to my community this time since I was just there in March.

We had a team of 46 wonderful people with us this time. Every trip is filled with the best of the best.

This month will be very busy for me and I will need some prayer support. Here are some specific things.

1. Pastor Arturo the pastor I work with fell and hurt his back. He is having a hard time right now and has not been able to visit the community. Please agree with me for perfect healing in his body and for all symptoms to disappear NOW..

2. We are preparing for the graduation of our son Logan on the 23rd. With working two jobs for me and Terry being extremely busy its hard to fit extra things in right now. We are remodeling some rooms in our house and are concerned we will have time to get it all done before the 23rd. Pray for things to go very smooth. If you are a handyman and would like to volunteer some time we could use you.

3. Pray for my community. Pastor Arturo is my pastor I work with and he is loved by all in the community, however, he is not the pastor of the community. The Pastor is Oscar and he is moving to Costa Rica to work. This means that the church will be  assigned a new pastor. This may cause a problem because the people do not know him. We have seen great growth in this community and I do not want this to set them back. One will ask why doesn't Pastor Arturo lead the church. That's a valid question and the answer is he does not want that responsibility. He loves going there and ministering one on one, house by house. He is actually the reason people go to church to begin with. Pray that the right person will be chosen to lead them and that person will get involved and make a good connection with the men.

4. Pray for the men of the community. In March I had 65 men attend a meeting with me and I don't want that to change. Pray they will continue meeting with Pastor Arturo and growing in the Word and having the desire to have a relationship with the Lord. This is key to changing the community. If the men change, the women and kids will change.

5. On a personal note I would like to ask for prayer for my family. We are experiencing a great deal of stress and frustration dealing with Francis. She has been here for 2 1/2 years and there are so many struggles in her life. I can't go into details but I can tell you it is severe and overwhelming to us. The stress can be overwhelming some times but we keep pressing on and know what God is in control. She needs a lot of healing in her heart and her mind. Her life here is much better for her than the orphanage but in her mind its not. She suffers from several disorders and those keep her from realizing how much better off she is. Pray healing will come forth for all of us. It's been really hard the last couple of months.

6. Yard Sale time.. I need your stuff.. I am not getting much from people and I don't have enough to have the sale yet. I need to raise money for my Logan to go with me in August and for other ministry needs. I would like to bless Pastor Arturo with some extra money this month since he has been out of work due to his back. If you have things you want to get rid of I need them as soon as you can get them to me. Once I have enough I will have the sale. Pray for an abundance of good things. Clothes just don't sale. I need big ticket items.

I was blessed last Sunday to speak to the children's ministry at Castanea Presbyterian Church. It was a great meting and I look forward to partnering with their church to do more for the Kingdom. It was a blessing to share my ministry with them.

I don't have much coming up for June or July but would love the opportunity to share at your class or church so let me know if you have a need for a guest speaker.

Thanks as always for your support and your prayers. I could not do this without you.

God Bless,



Update and Reminders

Can you believe I have been home a month (28 days actually but close enough) already.. That was the fastest 28 days of my life..Why couldn't the time I was in Nicaragua go that fast?... I wanted to let everyone know that Francis is adjusting well to the US and the cold weather. She giggles a lot when she goes out side and loves her cool new pink coat.

We are still dealing with things that are new to her like foods and lots of attention and 3 new brothers and a dad.. but overall she is very very happy with her life here and is not having any struggles so far. I praise God everyday for His blessings on our life as we walk down this road with her. She has comfort that only could come from Him.

I would like to remind you that if you would like to join our family and meet Francis, I will be testifying of God's amazing journey at my church on January 15th at 5:00 pm. Dinner will be served afterwards and you are welcome to invite others and bring who ever you desire.

If you have not sent me your mailing address already and would like to receive an invitation with all the details and address to our church please email me your address ASAP. Invitations will go out in the mail the week after Christmas and the church is asking me to have them to the secretary as soon as possible.

If at this time you are not sure you can make it or not that's no problem, give me your address just in case. At least you will have the details if you decide to come.

Please continue to pray for us as we work through all the changes in our family and we prepare Francis to attend school the first of January. Her English is improving every day but she has a long long way to go.

Our family would like to wish all of you a Very Merry CHRISTmas..and say again thanks for all the support and prayers. You have truly change the life of this little girl...

God Bless,

The Honeycutts


Never Ending Journey - An Amazing Adoption Story

If you receive this email and do no live close to Charlotte feel free to stop reading this specific email because it is about an event in Charlotte on January 15th. My church, Harvest Church, has asked my family to give the testimony of this amazing adoption story and we would like for you to attend. All of you reading this email have been a part of this process and for me to be able to give God praise and be able to testify of HIS great love and thank each of you personally would mean everything to my family.

All the details are not complete as of today but for now please mark your calender for January 15th and plan to bring anyone and everyone in your family or friends who are considering adopting or would love to just hear this amazing story from the beginning. A fellowship dinner will be served after the story where you can meet Francis and I can thank you personally for all your prayers.

I am in need of your mailing address regardless if you think you will or will not be able to attend.

Please reply to this email so I can send you more details soon.

Thanks again,


Never Ending Journey Part 13

Lot's have happen since I last wrote. Its been hard to update everyone when so many things are changing. As of yesterday I am proud to say I am the legal mother of Francis Grace Honeycutt.

I have in hand all the documents need to start the final process of coming home.

Today we ordered her Nicaraguan Passport which will be ready on Monday morning and then we are off to see the "official" doctor for a health report and on Tuesday morning we will go to the American Embassy where we will apply for her American Visa which we should have in hand within the day or the next and most importantly on Wednesday I will cook a nice meal for all here who have blessed me with their time, talents, and support. Finally we will board a plan home at 8:30 Thursday morning and hopefully we will be arriving Charlotte at 6:35 that evening.

I can't hardly believe in another week I will have been here 4 months. I am so blessed to have seen the hand of God literally reach out and touch me. He sent me angels (my neighbor and her friends) to take care of me and transport me around especially to church. He even cared about the small things and sent me to a hairdresser that cut my hair and didn't chop my head off and a sweet friend to give me a pedi. :)

God allowed me to learn so much from Him while I was here. He showed me that when you are obedient and you do what He tells you no matter what others say to you or how they look at you or even when your best of friends try to convince you to give up, He will reward your faithfulness.

This has truly been an amazing walk of faith. It's been 4 long years, 4 children later and there is no doubt in my mind we are right where God wanted us to be. I tried to give up so many times and today I am so grateful I didn't.

I would love to share all the great stories of this journey but I'd be writing you a book. Would love to share Francis with you as well as she is a beautiful young lady inside and out. I have watched God transform her from a ruff, hurt, angry little girl into a sweet, lovable, charming princess. It has not been a bed of roses for me here I promise you but what it has been was wonderful.

This journey is not over until I get her home and then a new one will start so don't stop praying.

Thanks again for all your prayers, financial support, moral support and love for a child you don't even know.


Never Ending Journey Part 13

It's been a while since I have updated anyone on what is going on with the adoption mainly because there have been little to no progress until this week. On Friday of last week the council that votes and agrees I can adopt Francis finally met and signed the resolution for us to officially adopt her. This is the first of many big hurdles we had to jump over. I am excited to say they voted in our favor and the next hurdle is the court systems of Nicaragua.

On this past Monday our attorney presented our signed resolution to a judge who then has to get the approval from the Attorney General's office that confirms all documents are in order and the child has been declared abandon. Once he has that proof in hand he gives his approval to the judge to change her name and grant her to us. Once that is completed we all go to court, Francis, myself, the DSS, and my lawyer and the judge makes it official that Francis Meza is now Francis Grace Honeycutt.

We are waiting on the Attorney Generals signature which he has 15 days to sign but usually does in one to two days. He has taken 4 days already..

Once that happens and we go to court and we are jumping the last 3 hurdles. We have to then go to the Nicaragua Embassy and get her a passport and then take her to see a special doctor and then to the US Embassy for her Visa. Once those are done I can fly home.

I am 7 to 12 days away from coming home assuming the AG does not take his entire 15 days.

Please join us in prayer that we get a good report on Friday (today) because next week the Embassy is closed on Monday and on Friday which could delay things even longer.

November is our businesses busiest month and I am not there to work which causes great hardship on our family. Please pray there will be no interruptions and this will not be dragged out any longer than God wants it. We are trusting him for our business income and not trusting ourselves but it makes things even longer waiting and waiting and waiting with your fate in the hands of someone else. I am trusting God to intervene if necessary.

Can you believe I have been here already for 15 weeks (3 1/2 months). I am ready to come home. I miss my children so much and my husband. I praise God for technology and the ability to use Skype and see them every day. That has been the only thing that has kept me from falling apart.

Francis is also very ready to come home. She is so excited to leave and misses her daddy a bunch. Terry came last week to sign over his rights to our lawyer and being with him for 3 days has caused her to miss him even more. It's awesome to see the true desire in her heart to be with her family, even her brothers.

Please pray for our family as this journey goes from one phase to another. It has not been a bed of roses everyday here for us and it won't be at home but we were called to do this and when you are called to do something God will provide a way for it to get done. This journey is a true testimony of his goodness and his provision. If you find yourself wondering how you are going to do something greater than you can ever imagine let me encourage you to take the "I" or "You" out of it and put only the word "GOD" in it's place. We can do nothing on our own but we can do all things through Christ.

God Bless all of you and thank you for your prayers. Please continue to lift us up. I hope the next email you get is from me saying I'm on my way home. What a day that will be.. :)