Never Ending Journey Part 13

Lot's have happen since I last wrote. Its been hard to update everyone when so many things are changing. As of yesterday I am proud to say I am the legal mother of Francis Grace Honeycutt.

I have in hand all the documents need to start the final process of coming home.

Today we ordered her Nicaraguan Passport which will be ready on Monday morning and then we are off to see the "official" doctor for a health report and on Tuesday morning we will go to the American Embassy where we will apply for her American Visa which we should have in hand within the day or the next and most importantly on Wednesday I will cook a nice meal for all here who have blessed me with their time, talents, and support. Finally we will board a plan home at 8:30 Thursday morning and hopefully we will be arriving Charlotte at 6:35 that evening.

I can't hardly believe in another week I will have been here 4 months. I am so blessed to have seen the hand of God literally reach out and touch me. He sent me angels (my neighbor and her friends) to take care of me and transport me around especially to church. He even cared about the small things and sent me to a hairdresser that cut my hair and didn't chop my head off and a sweet friend to give me a pedi. :)

God allowed me to learn so much from Him while I was here. He showed me that when you are obedient and you do what He tells you no matter what others say to you or how they look at you or even when your best of friends try to convince you to give up, He will reward your faithfulness.

This has truly been an amazing walk of faith. It's been 4 long years, 4 children later and there is no doubt in my mind we are right where God wanted us to be. I tried to give up so many times and today I am so grateful I didn't.

I would love to share all the great stories of this journey but I'd be writing you a book. Would love to share Francis with you as well as she is a beautiful young lady inside and out. I have watched God transform her from a ruff, hurt, angry little girl into a sweet, lovable, charming princess. It has not been a bed of roses for me here I promise you but what it has been was wonderful.

This journey is not over until I get her home and then a new one will start so don't stop praying.

Thanks again for all your prayers, financial support, moral support and love for a child you don't even know.