May 2014 Newsletter

Can you believe it is May already. I sure can't.  Time is flying by. I just got home from Nicaragua on Thursday which was an awesome trip. I didn't go to my community this time since I was just there in March.

We had a team of 46 wonderful people with us this time. Every trip is filled with the best of the best.

This month will be very busy for me and I will need some prayer support. Here are some specific things.

1. Pastor Arturo the pastor I work with fell and hurt his back. He is having a hard time right now and has not been able to visit the community. Please agree with me for perfect healing in his body and for all symptoms to disappear NOW..

2. We are preparing for the graduation of our son Logan on the 23rd. With working two jobs for me and Terry being extremely busy its hard to fit extra things in right now. We are remodeling some rooms in our house and are concerned we will have time to get it all done before the 23rd. Pray for things to go very smooth. If you are a handyman and would like to volunteer some time we could use you.

3. Pray for my community. Pastor Arturo is my pastor I work with and he is loved by all in the community, however, he is not the pastor of the community. The Pastor is Oscar and he is moving to Costa Rica to work. This means that the church will be  assigned a new pastor. This may cause a problem because the people do not know him. We have seen great growth in this community and I do not want this to set them back. One will ask why doesn't Pastor Arturo lead the church. That's a valid question and the answer is he does not want that responsibility. He loves going there and ministering one on one, house by house. He is actually the reason people go to church to begin with. Pray that the right person will be chosen to lead them and that person will get involved and make a good connection with the men.

4. Pray for the men of the community. In March I had 65 men attend a meeting with me and I don't want that to change. Pray they will continue meeting with Pastor Arturo and growing in the Word and having the desire to have a relationship with the Lord. This is key to changing the community. If the men change, the women and kids will change.

5. On a personal note I would like to ask for prayer for my family. We are experiencing a great deal of stress and frustration dealing with Francis. She has been here for 2 1/2 years and there are so many struggles in her life. I can't go into details but I can tell you it is severe and overwhelming to us. The stress can be overwhelming some times but we keep pressing on and know what God is in control. She needs a lot of healing in her heart and her mind. Her life here is much better for her than the orphanage but in her mind its not. She suffers from several disorders and those keep her from realizing how much better off she is. Pray healing will come forth for all of us. It's been really hard the last couple of months.

6. Yard Sale time.. I need your stuff.. I am not getting much from people and I don't have enough to have the sale yet. I need to raise money for my Logan to go with me in August and for other ministry needs. I would like to bless Pastor Arturo with some extra money this month since he has been out of work due to his back. If you have things you want to get rid of I need them as soon as you can get them to me. Once I have enough I will have the sale. Pray for an abundance of good things. Clothes just don't sale. I need big ticket items.

I was blessed last Sunday to speak to the children's ministry at Castanea Presbyterian Church. It was a great meting and I look forward to partnering with their church to do more for the Kingdom. It was a blessing to share my ministry with them.

I don't have much coming up for June or July but would love the opportunity to share at your class or church so let me know if you have a need for a guest speaker.

Thanks as always for your support and your prayers. I could not do this without you.

God Bless,