Never Ending Journey Part 13

It's been a while since I have updated anyone on what is going on with the adoption mainly because there have been little to no progress until this week. On Friday of last week the council that votes and agrees I can adopt Francis finally met and signed the resolution for us to officially adopt her. This is the first of many big hurdles we had to jump over. I am excited to say they voted in our favor and the next hurdle is the court systems of Nicaragua.

On this past Monday our attorney presented our signed resolution to a judge who then has to get the approval from the Attorney General's office that confirms all documents are in order and the child has been declared abandon. Once he has that proof in hand he gives his approval to the judge to change her name and grant her to us. Once that is completed we all go to court, Francis, myself, the DSS, and my lawyer and the judge makes it official that Francis Meza is now Francis Grace Honeycutt.

We are waiting on the Attorney Generals signature which he has 15 days to sign but usually does in one to two days. He has taken 4 days already..

Once that happens and we go to court and we are jumping the last 3 hurdles. We have to then go to the Nicaragua Embassy and get her a passport and then take her to see a special doctor and then to the US Embassy for her Visa. Once those are done I can fly home.

I am 7 to 12 days away from coming home assuming the AG does not take his entire 15 days.

Please join us in prayer that we get a good report on Friday (today) because next week the Embassy is closed on Monday and on Friday which could delay things even longer.

November is our businesses busiest month and I am not there to work which causes great hardship on our family. Please pray there will be no interruptions and this will not be dragged out any longer than God wants it. We are trusting him for our business income and not trusting ourselves but it makes things even longer waiting and waiting and waiting with your fate in the hands of someone else. I am trusting God to intervene if necessary.

Can you believe I have been here already for 15 weeks (3 1/2 months). I am ready to come home. I miss my children so much and my husband. I praise God for technology and the ability to use Skype and see them every day. That has been the only thing that has kept me from falling apart.

Francis is also very ready to come home. She is so excited to leave and misses her daddy a bunch. Terry came last week to sign over his rights to our lawyer and being with him for 3 days has caused her to miss him even more. It's awesome to see the true desire in her heart to be with her family, even her brothers.

Please pray for our family as this journey goes from one phase to another. It has not been a bed of roses everyday here for us and it won't be at home but we were called to do this and when you are called to do something God will provide a way for it to get done. This journey is a true testimony of his goodness and his provision. If you find yourself wondering how you are going to do something greater than you can ever imagine let me encourage you to take the "I" or "You" out of it and put only the word "GOD" in it's place. We can do nothing on our own but we can do all things through Christ.

God Bless all of you and thank you for your prayers. Please continue to lift us up. I hope the next email you get is from me saying I'm on my way home. What a day that will be.. :)