Update on Prayer Request

Well now that the smoke has cleared it appears that some changes are going to be made in Nicaragua but as of right now it does not look like it will affect us. PRAISE GOD...

Thanks to all of you who have been praying because I believe our prayers have calm the storm for now.

It was in fact true that the broadcast on TV took place but it seems their words were more of this is what we want to do than this is what we are going to do.

Here in the US when a child is taken from the parents they go to a foster home to stay until the parents get their act together or it is determined they can't and that child becomes adoptable.

In Nicaragua there is not such system so all children go directly to an orphanage and stay until the parents get their act together. Most get left in the orphanages because the parents are not willing to change their way of life. Sadly that causes problems for the children because they are not adoptable but they have to live in the orphanage.

It looks like they are going to change that process to stop that from happening.

There is still rumors of closing private ran orphanages but it is impossible for them to do that. Maybe they will only close those that are not being ran up to standards. Who knows at this point? The House of Rose where my girls are is private owned but it is one of the best in Nicaragua so I am no longer worried about it's future.

With all that said, it appears that our prayers are being heard and God is moving the hearts and minds of those in charge to make things better. It does not appear for now there is any more talk of closing the adoptions to foreigners. Let's just continue to pray that those who wanted that to happen are moved from office or completely get a heart change.

Thank you all so much for your consistent prayers. They are moving mountains.