Our Saga continues...

My faithful friends,

I write to you this night as Terry and I prepare to leave in the morning (Sunday) to Nicaragua to meet with a new lawyer and the office of Mi Familia.

Since the last time I wrote the country has had many changes.

The First Lady of Nicaragua is implementing a process that will basically create a foster care program there and is suppose to help children who are in orphanages now get out and go home to a family member and it would keep kids from being placed in orphanages unless absolutely necessary. There are many good things here and many bad. Families have to want these kids first of all and if they wanted them to begin with they would not put them in the orphanage. Who is to tell? Our prayers for this is crucial.

As for our adoption we will be affected greatly if what we are being told is true. We have heard this week that in fact the father of Isamar is blood related to Carmen. He is suppose to be a cousin. If that is the case the new law gives him full rights to her and does not require him to meet any kind of requirements. I was told this by another lawyer who I asked to take my case. She refused because she says there is no case. We can't win.

Terry and I have felt many emotions this week. We are not sure what God's plan is at this point but what we do know is that He took us down this path and He will continue to direct our steps.

The outlook does not look in our favor but we are certain God told us to go down this road so for now we are going to go and find out what we can and trust God to show us what now.

Please pray for us as we go and meet with these people on Monday.

Pray for guidance, wisdom and peace.
Pray for discernment.
Pray for clear understanding of God's plan.
Pray for protection over my kids and Terry's mother as she takes care of our kids.
Pray for favor with Mi Familia and the lawyers.
Pray for the girls. We want to see them but are not sure if they will allow it.

This trip will be the turning point of this adoption. It could be the final meeting we have.

Thanks for you support and prayers through this process.

God Bless,

Angie and Terry