Keeping your eyes on the Lord...

Around the same time we decided to adopt the girls last year one morning during my quite time God took me to the story of Peter walking on the water.

At the time we were going through a testing time and that story spoke to me greatly and I heard the Lord specifically tell me to remember that story as I go through the adoption for the girls.

Today talking with two of my friends God brought that story back to me as they were asking how I was doing.

My answer is this.

Right now I am in the middle of the Gulf Coast and Ike is 100 miles away from me.

Just like with Peter the water was all around him and the storm was fierce. That's how I feel these days. One day all is well and the next day a storm blows in.

Saturday the girls went with Isamar's dad and they will stay for 7 days. Pray for their safety.

I can allow that to cause me to sink in this storm or I can stay focused on the Lord and his promises. The enemy would like for me to start feeling that rain and wind on my body and he would love for me to just give up.

No matter how fierce this storm gets I refuse to take my eyes off God's promises. The rain might be pouring on our heads and the wind is pushing me to the left and the right but I will refuse to take me eyes off of the Lord.

How are you doing in your storm? Does the waves that hit you knock you down or just push you over?

Don't get me wrong this is a Category 5 storm we are going through and just like Peter some days my feet starts to sink but because of my friends who are praying for me and encouraging me and God's reminder of His word I immediately get my focus and the sinking stops.

I encourage you today if you are in the middle of a Category 5 storm to hold onto God's promises and remember that He makes EVERYTHING and HE has the POWER to stop the winds and the rain. It's up to you..

Please continue to pray for our family as we walk through this storm and wait patiently on the storm to pass and my girls to come home where they belong.

God Bless,