Update on my world

I'm been quite lately because I have been out of town.

I went to Virginia on Saturday to see my aunt and I returned today at 4:30. Sadly, she passed away at 6:30.

I learned a great deal about my aunt this week. After spending 23 hours a day with her for 3 days you get to know somebody. (Only got an hour a day of sleep, didn't want to waist my time when I knew she had very little left.)

I saw a side of her family I had not seen before. She has 3 daughters and 1 very spoiled son. All of them had come to peace that it was her time to go. All of them assured me in some way she would be going to heaven. That's all that mattered to me. Seeing her was important but making sure the she and her family knew Jesus on a personal basis was my priority.

I will be returning home on Thursday and I am sure I will see my mother. Let's pray it’s a much better time than the last.

I called her today to make sure she had gotten the news; it was almost creepy for me. She keeps talking to me as if everything was just fine between us. Family members tell me to let the past stay in the past and move on as if it never happen. BUT it did happen. What do you think? Just let it stay or deal with it? I haven't decided yet. The easy way of course is to just let it go but what happens when it comes back one day?

On a better note, I have not heard much about Isamar except that the dad had a discussion with Mi Familia and told them he DID NOT want Isamar. He was only pursuing this because his mother (she's 85 we believe) wants him to. The lawyers told us today that if she wants her she will have to come forward and say so. Let's hope she doesn't.

I hope to find out more tomorrow as this week the Director of Mi Familia quit and 3 people on the council walked away. I can't imagine how much delay this will now cause.

I am leaving next Thursday to go and see my girls. At least I know Isamar will be there this time.

Continue to pray for us. My entire family as we lay Dorothy to rest, my immediate family as we wait patiently on the Lord and for our trip to Nicaragua next week. We will be ministering to many families who have it a lot worse than we do.

God Bless,