Prayers for My Aunt

My mother and I have not talked but once in 3 years. Needless to say when I saw the caller id today and it was from her my heart just sunk. So many horrible thoughts went through my head. Was she sick? Had she died? Was it my brother? It's really sad that it takes tragedy in ones family to get people talking again.

My mom's sister has taken ill. Her name is Dorothy and she is the first person in my life that I can say believed in me. Her children and I are very close. Actually out of 29 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren of my grandmother, Aunt Dorothy's kids are the only ones I stay in contact with.

My mom did not call me when my uncle got sick last November so this time she thought she should call. She knows how important Aunt Dorothy is to me, she says. Her anger must be starting to fade away or she would have never called me today.

Over the past three years my mom has been very mad at me for something I didn't even do. She has been ugly to me more than once and during my uncles’ funeral in November she would not even let me stay at her house.

It’s been very hard going through this adoption without parents. My mom just can’t be a Mom and my Dad does not exist in my life. I think this helps me understand how Carmen and Isamar feel.

I haven't talked to my mom over the 3 years instead I just sent her pictures, cards, a Mother's Day gift and each time reminded her that I was praying for her and I loved her. It appears it has softened the blow. She talked to me today as if we talked just yesterday. Things are not fixed with us but this is a huge start. The fact that she actually called is AMAZING.

My aunt is 78 years old and is on her death bed. She is in great pain and Hospice is there so you know what that means. As far as I know she has accepted Christ but she has never been to church. She has missed the joy of fellowshipping with others and being in His presence of one accord but soon she will be in the God’s presence. Isn't that thought wonderful?

Please pray for our family as Aunt Dorothy is a pillar to the rest of us. She has held our family together for many years. It was just 5 years ago that she buried her husband. I am sure her children would appreciate your prayers for God to move quickly so she will suffer no more.

Additionally, we have no updates on Isamar at this time. Keep praying that God will intervene if it is His plan for her life to be with us.

God Bless,