Update on my trip

I´m sorry I have not been in touch. There´s been no electricity here so access to the internet has been limited.

A lot has happen since I last wrote so I will try to make sure I don´t leave out anything.

On Saturday I was told that there was a problem with the adoption and so we had to go to Mi Familia Monday morning to visit the Delegate (the boss). She informed us that the dad has been approved to have his DNA test done which is scheduled for the 14th. He told them if it is positive which it will be because they look just alike that he will take Isamar. They told us if it is positive she will be given to him, no questions asked.

Then on Sunday, the aunts of the girls visited the Director of the Orphanage and told her that if the dad takes Isamar they will take Carmen. Needless to say I feel like I´m on a roller coaster.

After we went to Mi Familia on Monday we went to the house of one of the aunts. I talked with her and explained our love for the girls and by the end she agreed that it was best for the girls to be with us and they would not protest it. Praise God...

Today, Isamar´s dad was granted a visit to see her. He asked her if she wanted to live with us or him and she told him us. He told her that he would not allow her to live with us she was his daughter and he was going to be responsible for her. After he left the orphanage, the director spoke with him and explained everything. She told me that he actually said he did want the best for Isamar and if I could give it and he could still talk with her that maybe that would be ok. He wants to meet me so we are planning to talk on Thursday. Please pray that he sees the best for her and is not just doing this because he can. He has not visited her but a handful of times in her whole life and he lives a .5o cent bus ride away.

So for now I am excited that the mothers side of the family agree with the adoption and at least I get to talk to the dad. I´m trusting God and proclaiming His power.

Thank you so much for your prayers. I have stayed strong so far but I can tell you I have shed a lot of tears. I know God´s perfect plan will happen and I´m just trying to focus on that.

I´ll be home on Friday and will update you on my visit with the dad.