Pray for Favor and Direction

Well I made it to Somotillo.

Things there are not going so well.

Today I received word that there is a problem with the abandonment of the girls.

I will try to explain in as little words as I can.

My girls have different dads. The father of Isamar lives in Managua and has contacted her over the phone several times. He was told by authorities here that he needed to take a DNA test but for years he has not. Of course, until now. He is scheduled to take it on the 14th. The day before our approval. If he is found positive everything changes. If not hopefully things will continue. It is very possible he is the her dad because she looks just like him.

He has had 9 years to get this test but only now does he decided to. How difficult this must be now for Isamar.

Additionally, the aunt of the girls who lives 3 blocks away and has not visited the girls but twice in 5 years went to Mi Familia and requested a visit. She came last week and told the girls that they need to tell the judge they don´t want to live with us. She told them that people here kill little girls and cut thier heads off and cut out thier hearts. She told them that I was lieing to them and it would be horrible in the US. She was trying to brian wash them with lies.

Today I went to see the girls. They did not act like they were afraid of me bu they were a little hesitate with me.

How confusing it must be to be told so many things from adults.

I have a meeting Monday morning with the authorites here to discuss what is going on with the dad and the other family members to see what is going to happen now.

We have come so far. I truly want God´s will for my girls and I know in my heart that they are to be with us. I am very sad for them. I refuse to allow the enemy to discourage me. God is on my side and the families that are showing up now do not have him on thier side.

Please pray that truly God´s will is done here. It´s very heartbreaking I won´t lie so pray for my strength as I am here without Terry to pick me up.

There is so much going on that I am not sure what will happen next.

Cover us with your prayers. Believe with me that God´s favor and HIS direction will be, not man´s, not mine and not the families involved.

God Bless,