Passion of the Christ

Remember before I left I told you that I wanted to show a movie in Nicaragua.

I truly felt I had heard this from the Lord. He provided a screen for me and a sound system.

Since I have been here not one night has it worked out for me to show the movie. It´s rained or we have been in church or in a meeting or something.

Last night we decided that we will be in this area an extra night so we have planned on showing a movie on Wednesday night. But where, I was still very unsure of.

Today I went to visit a new village. There are about 318 families in this village an about 100 teenagers that are really struggling. There´s no church in this village and no entertainment of any kind.

At the end of our meeting the pastor told us tomorrow night I am going to try and show Passion of the Christ to the teenagers. I just about jump out of my skin. A movie, really I thought. Oh God you are too cool. No only was he wanted to show a movie he is showing Passion of the Christ the very movie I wanted to show.

We talked longer only to find out that he didn´t have a screen or a sound system. Once I told him I had everything he needed we both just jump for joy and knew this was of God.

As I type this the electricity just went out. So I will finish it tomorrow. Just pray at 800 your time for many lives to be saved.