Reunion with the girls..

Before we left to Nicaragua our discussions with the dad went from you can have them all weekend to, only one day to a little bit. We ended up being able to see them on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for about 5 or 6 hours each day.

On Friday the dad was right beside them all the time making things very uncomfortable for everyone.

They came to our hotel where we had a big pool. Having the girls in the water away from him helped a little.

On Saturday he had loosened up a little and sit at the end of the pool giving us some personal time. It was a world of difference for the girls. They were much happier which made us much happier. During that day Terry was able to teach Carmen how to swim. She was already really close and just needed some guided direction. They loved every minute of it.

Saturday night was the church they attends 30th year celebration and the girls were out real late so by Sunday they were a little tired making things a little ruff.

While the girls were playing in the pool I had a chance to talk to the dad. He was very grateful for all we have done for the girls and for our love to them. He thanked us many many times. He said he was not aware that we had invested so much time and money into the girls. It was almost like he was saying if I had know maybe I would not have pushed so hard. Who knows..

It was a bitter sweet visit for us. We learned the girls are at least being taking care of and appear to be happy. They expressed they do not like the wife of the dad. Apparently she is very mean to them and they are having a hard time with her. The dad even expressed his concern for their relationship to us.

Isamar appears to have a bond with her dad but Carmen is on her own. The entire time we were with them he never touched the girls to hug them, help them or console them at all. It was as if he was a distant cousin or something. It was really odd for us because we were hugging them and kissing on them and tickling them as normal.

The girls acted a little odd to us which I guess is expected. They have not talk to us since August and when you don't see someone or don't talk to them time can change you. It has really changed them. One has to remember the girls now have many things they never had before. A family, a grandmother, an aunt, uncle, 3 year old brother, a church family, a new school and lots of attention. They are content. Being with us does not look as pretty to them as it did before when they had nothing at the orphanage.

We left them with a bitter sweet feeling. We both were so happy to see them and spend time with them but we both know that things have changed now and the hopes of them in our home has diminished. At this point we are not sure if they had the choice to come if they would. That's a hard thought to swallow for me.

Please continue to pray for the girls. It has to be ruff for Carmen not getting the same attention as her sister is and not feeling wanted by the wife of Isamar's dad is not helping things. I can tell food is short in the house. They are not getting the pleasures of the orphanage that is for sure but at least they are not going hungry.

We have invested a great deal in this adoption, financially and emotionally. Please pray with us on what to do next. We have to decide by May to continue and adopt another child or just stop. It's a very painful process to continue.

I have come great pictures of the girls. Check them out here.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support to get us there to see them. Pray for wisdom and for my broken heart. For me this adoption is over. My love will never change for them but the process has to come to an end. I'm at that end.