My little Red Power Ranger..

By now you know who I am talking about. My little body Oscar. We found him this time very swollen with fluid and very tired.

We were blessed to visit his mother at the prison. She has been given a shorter sentence for 3 years and by the next court date she has it will be 1 1/2 years. We are believing with her that the judge will let her out on good behavior. Please be in agreement with me.

Oscar's dad is now out of jail and is working on getting tested to be a donor match for his kidney. He hopes to be tested today or tomorrow. Pray this slow process will speed up.

I was blessed by my friend Michelle who donated a costume for Oscar. He was in heaven when I showed it to him. He had fake muscles so we told him that even when he is weak he is strong.

We were able to take him out for icecream and sugar him up a little bit.

I took him some new clothes since I noticed the last two times he was wearing the exact same clothes. He loved the orange shorts.

Check his pictures out here. He was so happy. I hope to have a video up soon.

Pray for his healing as his little body can not go on much longer with the stress it is going through.

We need a perfect healing or a perfect match, which ever God wants.

Enjoy my little buddy Oscar.