Back in the USA...

After another long day, and a very long night Thursday/Friday I found myself in Florida at 7:20am PRAISING GOD there are 60 available seats on the first flight to Charlotte. We made it home around 11:30. Thanks for praying me home. Sitting in the airport listening to praise music and reflecting on the week made me realize how wonderful God is. He did so many things to confirm this trip. At a time when I was questioning everything He showed up and let me know He is the God of All. He is the everlasting Prince of Peace and He has called me to help His people if I will just let Him.

During the past several months I have not mentioned what a struggle I have had with the Lord. I truly was at a point of giving up and stopping this "Missions" thing. The night before I booked the tickets to come on this trip I wept many tears of frustration to the Lord. I imagine it was a lot like Paul during his frustrating times but on a much smaller scale.

God will show you what He wants out of you at the moment He knows it's time to reveal it and when it will make the biggest impact. This impact will stay with me for a while.

On the day I booked the tickets we had no idea how in the world we would pay for this trip. We were walking by faith in a major way. For me, it was my cry to God to show me what He really wants out of me. Now we are home and not only did God provide the money for this trip our online business made in 7 days almost as much as we have been making in an entire month. God didn't just want to show us he could provide for this trip but also for our business to help get us through the coming month when we have no work.

We had the privilege to see the girls this trip which was bitter sweet, we visited the garden project and saw a miracle. We met a Red Power Ranger and was blessed to visit a new orphange with 40 beautiful kids. Many things happen and many things need to happen going forward.

I have a video that I need to put on a DVD. Does anyone have a 8 mm camera I can borrow for a couple of hours? I just need to play the video and record it on a my DVD player. I will return it in the same day so if you have one please let me know as soon as you can I need to get the 8 mm tape back to Nicaragua.

I am going to write on each topic so that you are not reading a book in this email so stay tune to updates on each major area.

 God bless all of you for your prayers and financial support.

Stay tuned for more to come..