No News Is Good News?

Oh how I wished that saying was ALWAYS true.

Well the long awaited month has come and gone for the DNA results.

My attorney went yesterday and was told they have not received them as of yesterday, THAT THEY KNEW OF. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing there so for all we know the results are laying on some lawyers desk.

The case worker told my attorney she would go to the lawyers and ask and report back on Friday. Even that is crazy. It's not like this building is 20 stories high and she has to go to 10 people. The Lawyers, all 3 of them, sit in the next room. It would not take 2 seconds to open the door and say, "Hey, anybody have the DNA tests for Isamar Umana"?

Can you tell I'm running out of patience?

I figure I have two options here;

1. I can worry and be unsettled and cry all day with grief and God will take his time as He teaches me to trust Him or;
2. I can rest in God's peace and He will see that I am trusting Him and just maybe He will hurry this process up for me and I will pass this test.

I am choosing Option 2 but I can tell you it's the hardest thing I have ever done and it's a day to day process for me. For weeks it's been easy but now it's every morning when I wake up I have to give myself a serious pep talk and decide that minute that I will not walk in doubt today...

What about you? How do handle God's tests? You do know that if you fail the test today He will give it to you again tomorrow right?

I have failed so many tests before this one that I think I have finally figured out how to pass God's test.

Are you in the middle of a test? Are you passing it or failing it? Evaluate your attitude and you will soon know the answer.

Please pray for the people involved in this adoption and the people of Nicaragua.

There is a transportation strike there now and many people are struggling because all the buses and taxis have stopped. Things are not very stable right now which could cause even a longer delay in getting these results.

Thank you for walking this journey with me.

Oh what a glorious day it will be when they come home.

God Bless,