Praises and Prayers

During my last two visits I had 3 young men from a local baseball team come to me and ask if there was any way for me to help them get equipment for their teams.

Just think about it, they could have ask me for food, money, medicines or any other much needed items. Instead, they asked for baseball equipment. I was very impressed by there request because it was more of, "Would you please pray about helping our team" instead of "We want you to help us, or We really need your help". They were gentlemen with a heart for the love of baseball.

I told them I would come home and ask for assistance for their team and in the mean time they needed to be praying that God opens a door for them.

As soon as I got home I found a company that donates uniforms and equipment. There name is Pitchinforbaseball. I had to write a letter to them and fill out a huge application. I called them since I had not heard anything from them only to find out they had deleted my request by accident. I'm glad they did because then they felt sorry and actually took time to listen to me.

Today I got a phone call from the President who informed me that they do not give equipment to Faith-Based ministries but since my letter to them encouraged them and explain my plan to help these young men they would send me what they had. No promises of how much equipment, just some.

Within hours I received an email from them and they are shipping me more than I asked for. I'm getting enough uniforms (pants, shirts and socks), cleats, gloves, bats, balls, catchers stuff, and bags to put the stuff in and score books for up to 4 teams. This is 1,000's of dollars worth of equipment for FREE.... They even paid the shipping.

For those of you who know me well you can only imagine how happy I am. For those of you who don't well you can say I played 8 years of sports in school and 27 years of Softball. Baseball/Softball has been my life. Being able to bless these guys is a huge blessing to me and them. Praise God.. With this I will build relationships that could lead to Salvations.

Not long after the baseball man called the phone rang and it was a company that donates Eye Glasses. I had filled out another form online and they have agreed to give me 200 adult glasses and 200 children’s glasses and a machine to use to determine the strength of used glasses FOR FREE.... This is not the company I told you about earlier. This is an additional one. Glory, Glory, Glory…

Now for the Prayer Requests...

I got word yesterday that all the buses, taxies, and tractor trailer drivers have gone on strike in Nicaragua. The gas has gone up to $6 per gallon in some places.

This is a huge issue. There are 1,000's of trucks with food sitting on the borders refusing to bring it across until the President does something about the gas prices. Food has doubled in the last two days. People who were already struggling are having severe problems now.

It takes about $2,000 to fill the gas tank of a tractor trailer. Do you know how long it would take for a self-employed person to make $2,000 in Nicaragua?

Please pray for the government to step in. Without a resolution soon people are going to be desperate for food even more than they are already.

I was going to book my flight yesterday and heard that an American was pulled over by the strikers and harassed. They are angry at us because we are at war and it's hurting them. Nothing serious happen but it scared the American really bad. Needless to say I am waiting to book my tickets for June. I won't live in fear but I also believe in using wisdom.

America is in a serious position with the gas prices at $3.75, imagine paying $6.00 per gallon on a salary of $50.00 per month.

I'm a week away from hearing about the results for Isamar. As we get closer, pray for my peace and for God's will in her life to be fulfilled. No additional news at this time. Hopefully I’ll have great news to report next week.

Thanks for your prayers,


ps. If you are affliated with baseball leagues and they need to get rid of gently used equipment, please contact A huge Thank You goes out to them for all they did for the boys in Somotillo.