Preparing for a June Mission Trip

Terry and I will be going to Nicaragua in June and with us will be a couple who is interested in adopting Loriana as well as my friend Jorge and his girlfriend so I can't waste having all those people with me so our plans are to minister in at least one or more villages while we are there.

In order to do so I need supplies. I am sorry for the short notice but with friends like you guys I know we can pull some things together.

I have most of everything I would need except for the following:

Toothbrushes - I can get 12 for a $1 at the 521 Flee Market if anyone is going that way.
Toothpaste (travel size) - Can you ask your dentist if they will donate some for me?
Fingernail polish - The moms and teenage girls love to see me come with polish.
Fingernail clippers
Razors - disposable
Purse Size Umbrellas would be nice - do you have one in your house you can donate?

I would need to get any thing you have no later than June 13th if at all possible.

Please email me if you have any of these items and if you get any so I will know what is coming in.

Please remember that I might be the person going to Nicaragua and handing this stuff out but it's YOU that make it happen for me. You play a huge part in every trip I take so remember one item is more than I had yesterday. No amount is too little.

Now let's get things ready to show these people how much God loves them and how much Americans do care about other people.

God Bless,