My friend Ashley Pell and her sisters are on a mission trip in the Phillipines. The Pell sisters are amazing. They have traveled 4 hours walking up a mountain into an area that has not been visited by the locals much less foreigners especially American girls. They have just blessed these families with tons and tons of clothes and other supplies and taught them about the blessings of the Lord and how to truly worship.

While in this very remote area their translator David has gotten an unknown virus. He is extremely ill right this minute in the hospital in great pain and running a high fever. Doctors has tested him for everything and have found nothing thus far.

Ashley,the girls and David's wife are doing well physically but I am sure are wore out from the wait of their sick friend not to mention that David and his wife are in the process of moving and the girls are trying to meet that deadline by painting and getting things ready.

David is a strong believer and the girls are powerful prayer warriors but as all of us know seeing a loved one in this condition can wear on the finest.

We need a miracle and one fast. We need these doctors to find the problem and fix it or we need God to heal him miraclously. Which I am expecting and believing HE WILL DO.

Please stop now and petition the Lord on David's behalf. I know in my heart he is to young and has to many things left to do in this world. It is not his time to go.

Lift up the girls and his wife also as they are trying to juggle life without his help and take care of him at the same time.

This is a very serious situation folks. Don't pass the chance by to be a part of holding up the arms of our warriors on the battle field.

Thanks so much,

You can read more about what Ashley and the girls are doing and keep up the status of David on Ashley's blog at http://www.hispassion.org/Blogs/AshleysBlog/tabid/56/Default.aspx