Divine Appointment #3

I have previously written about divine appointments that God has set for me and this past week he did it again. Check this out and tell me God is not the director of all things.

In February when I went to Nicaragua I had felt God's nudge to go and visit a very well known Pastor in Somotillo. I knew of him and he is well respected in the community but I had not had a need to work with him until now.

We tried to contact him to set up a meeting but had not had any luck. Out of no where the opportunity arose late one evening. Upon arriving to his house (which is also a mission house) I found another team from the US. Hearing English speaking people arose my interest. I immediately said Hi and carried on with my meeting.

To the back of me was a man who was busy writing I noticed him but only for a moment. I shared with the pastor the vision God has given me about not just coming to Nicaragua and helping families and then leaving. I truly feel we are doing things wrong. We are teaching these families to trust in the Americans and not God. We all have great intentions and great motives but we are truly not looking at the big picture.

After several minutes the American group left the area and went on to bed but before they left the man behind us passed me a note. I put it away and thought I'd just read it later. That note was from Pastor Frankie Tanner the pastor of Mechanicsville Baptist Church in Darlington, SC.

He had tuned into our conversation and heard my vision about the garden project in Coffradia. Being a garden growing lover and a talented one at that this peaked his interest.

When I returned to the states I called Pastor Tanner and shared my heart with him and found that we both have the same vision of how we should work to grow the kingdom of God. I shared with him the financial need to get the gardens up and running for the village and that money was truly the biggest need I had right now. It was going to take at least $700 to help them get started.

He shared there was man in his congregation that he wanted to share my needs for the garden project with and he would get back to me. Many days passed until we spoke again until last week.

About a month ago God really spoke to me and told me he was going to open doors no man could close for me and since then I have been waiting and expecting those doors to open so after my conversation with Pastor Tanner I thought this may be the beginning of many more doors to open.

Last Thursday Pastor Tanner called me to say that the man in his church had called and told him that he wanted to help me with the garden project.

Apparently this man has and I quote Pastor Tanner, "Has gone through Hell and back last year" and has seen the harvest of his faith and Gods blessings. He not only wanted to bless one village but he sent me enough money to bless two villages. I received a check today for $1500 to help Coffradia and another village.

Can you believe that? Just think how appointed that meeting I had was. I was so tired that night. I wanted so bad to go on to bed but knew it might be my only chance to meet with him. I could have missed God's blessings. I could have missed out on this opportunity all because I was tired.

God has opened every door I will ever walk through but it is my place to walk. Faith is an action verb. We must ACT on it. Not just SIT and wait.

I am so humbled to see what God has in store for me in the months to come. I have many other divine appointments to tell you about. It's amazing what God will do when you are Willing to be Willing..

Allow God to make Divine Appointments for you.. He will if He knows you will go to that appointment..

Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory That your hand would be with me and You would keep me from evil That I may not cause pain so God granted him what he requested.

Prayer of Jabez - Ist Corin. 4:10

Tell me about your divine appointments.. Give testimony to what God is doing in your life. Don't just smile and say that's amazing. Tell people. Encourage others.

A great thanks for those who help with the families and now I have enough to take care of all of them. I had a meeting yesterday and all of the families are so excited to know they will eat their own food again soon.

God Bless all of you,