Sports Fans, Come One...Come All...

After returning from my scouting trip in February I felt strongly that God was pushing me to get more involved with sports ministry.  Sports is true to my heart so it all made since. Again I told God if you want me to do something, then you do your part. I need to learn to stop saying that.. Since I returned I have been planning a huge soccer tournament in addition to collecting soccer donations for 3 teams of youth that are gang members in Masatepe.

God has so SHOWN off Himself this time. I have been blessed to have Peace Passers and Passback give me soccer donations for the gangs. I will use some of the stuff for the soccer tournament and the rest for a group that God has laid on my heart.

Pastor Roberto, a new friend of mind, is ministering to 140 gang members each week. He has been blessed to lead some of the hardest ones to Christ. He uses sports to bring them together where each weak he shares the gospel with them.

These youth have no equipment or uniforms and if you know me at all you know this is something dear to my heart. They deserve to enjoy life just like we do.

I am still in need of more soccer stuff but mostly baseball uniforms.

I am seeking sponsors to sponsors teams for $45 per team. I have 10 teams that need a sponsor.  I have found a company that will sell me shirts with a name on them and a number on the back for $4 a shirt. So for $40 your family can sponsor a team. Pastor Roberto will do the hard work. He will minister to them week after week and give them an avenue to break away from the gang life.

I am shipping two large boxes of equipment to Nicaragua on Wednesday which will give me room to take the baseball equipment. I am also having a glove and cleat drive with one of my customers the first week of June. I can't wait to bless these boys. Just imagine if your child could never play the game of soccer or baseball just because they don't have a ball and you can't afford one for them.

If you would like to be a part of this great blessing, just send me your sponsorship for $45 to me by June 1st if possible or at least June 10th.

These are pictures of my Mother's Day. My kids and I spent most of the day counting and packing all the soccer equipment. It was great... God is so good...

Join me...Pray for me... Pray for the lost souls that will get this equipment.

God Bless,


  I have 45 pairs of soccer cleats...

I have 45 pairs of soccer cleats...
I have 85 soccer balls. There was not enough room in the boxes...  

All the donated Soccer Equipment

I'm shipping two of these boxes

4 sets of the soccer uniforms

185 pairs of shin guards...


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