Tick, Tock... Tick, Tock..

Have you ever had to wait on something and you had to watch the clock? There is nothing more annoying than the sound of an old timer clock going tick, tock, tick, tock while you are waiting for it to hit a specific hour.

I can remember growing up and my aunt had a clock that made a sound none stop. It use to drive me nuts some days. I can still hear that sound in my head.

Well the clock is ticking for me again and for Oscar.

We got the blood test done for him and his mom and we are waiting minute by minute now for the test results. They said two weeks and Monday will be two weeks. I have learned with Nicaragua two weeks could mean 1 day to 1 month so I find myself each day hearing that clock ticking in my head knowing that Oscar's time is running out.

The doctor has told us that if Mom is a match Oscar is on the surgery schedule for this month and could have a new kidney before I come back home from Nicaragua. How amazing that will be.

I am also having to deal with how I will feel if she is not a match. I trust the Lord with all my heart but I can say this has been the hardest waiting period I have had to go through I think ever.

What is God teaching me through all this? I keep asking please don't make this a learning experience for me. Going through this is hard enough. No trials No Testimony God says.. I don't think His humor is as funny as He thinks it is. :)

Please pray for the doctors offices to get this test done as soon as possible. The longer it takes the longer and harder Oscar's body is struggling.

I have been selling raffle tickets day after day. If you want one it's not too late. $1 can win you $100 dollars. Better odds than LOTTO and all the money goes back into the kingdom.

I am trusting God because I know that Time does not control God, He controls TIME. He can stop the world from functioning right now if he wants. I trust He loves Oscar enough to do just that if he needs Him too.

I'll keep you post, you keep praying.

Thanks and God Bless..


PS.. Please pray for one of my faithful readers, prayer warrior and friend Glenda Parker. She had open heart surgery this week and needs God's healing power to touch her body so her recovery time will be much shorter.