Our prayers are answered. Oscar's mom is a match.

Now time to get started on the next phase. I will need to send them more money in the morning to get the next set of blood work done and then they will do the surgery.

Please pray this process is quick and easy and most important that Oscar's body will not reject the kidney.

I praise God for his provisions and his blessings on Oscar's life. I have committed I will do all I can to make sure Oscar tells his testimony to all. Pray this family will draw closer and closer to the Lord through all this.

Continue praying....

Pray the doctors have great wisdom with the decisions they are going to make Pray for the mom and her body as it goes through losing a kidney Pray for the family as this is a big responsibility for them to have especially when they have no money Pray for Oscar to be strong enough to handle all the procedures he will endure soon Pray for me to raise all the needed money needed to help them Praise God for his everlasting, faithfulness

Thanks to all for your help..