Raffle Tickets for Sale

I am selling raffle tickets to raise money for Oscar and other mission projects. They cost $1 and it gives you 3 chances to win. A $100, $75 and $50 prize will be drawn.

I am in need of folks to help me sell these tickets. Please consider calling your friends and asking them to purchase one.

I will be happy to get the tickets to you once I know how many. If you want to purchase one just give me a call or send me the money and I'll mark the tickets for you.

I have gone door to door selling them so far and really need an avenue to get rid of a bunch of them. Please consider helping me. I still need to raise about $400 more for Oscar.

I just got a call from a great friend who was willing to take a few minutes and call her friends and she sold 50 tickets in a matter of minutes. Amazing things can happen if we just try. Thanks so much Stephanie...

The drawing will be July 20th so please hurry and get your tickets NOW...

Thanks so much for your support.