The Results are Finally Here

It's with great sadness that I report that the DNA test is Positive.

I can't put words into how I feel right now.

I have said all along that I want the best for Isamar and I really do but it still hurts, it still feels like someone stuck a knife through my heart. Pray for Terry and I as we wait to hear what will happens now.

The dad will go through a home study to determine if he meets the requirements. Basically, if he has a house at all, a job at all and is walking and talking he will qualify. Poverty does not play a role in this decision and the best situation for Isamar doesn't count either.

I know that God loves Isamar more than I do and He wants the best for her. He sees the big picture and knows all. No matter how my heart feels and what my head tells me I am trusting in Him.

If Isamar is to be in my home she will be. Nothing will stop that.

Please pray for Isamar and Carmen. They plan on telling her soon and I know they will be devastated. Breaking them apart will be very difficult for both the girls. They will need a lot of love and counseling. Most important they will need our prayers.

I was reminded tonight as my heart broke into a thousand pieces that the pain I felt, as bad as it was, was nothing compared to the pain God must have had when He gave His son to die for us.

Jesus died so that we would have life. Everlasting Life. A future, Hope, Dreams, Desires, A family, A never ending love. He died for Isamar's future also. I must trust in that.

There are no words to describe how I feel tonight, so I rest in Gods word that My Joy comes to me in the Morning.

Thanks for all your prayers. The battle is not over. Don't stop praying, pray harder.

God Bless,