Our first day in Nicaragua

Well after 22 hours of traveling we made it safely to Nicaragua at 3am this morning. I am so grateful and blessed to have friends here that take care of me. It's really not safe traveling that late at night in Nicaragua without people you know.

Today we woke up early and started the negotiations to see the girls. I feel like I am in jail and trying to plead my case to get out. It' s like pulling teeth to get the dad to work with us but eventually he showed up.

It was bitter sweet to see the girls. We all were so happy to reunite and sad to know our future plans are no longer the same.

We spend most of the day playing in the pool and trying to reunite but the dad stayed right on our heels and it made the girls really uncomfortable and us too.

He does not trust us and feels if we want to see them we must be with him at all times. I'll take what I can get...It beats nothing.

He promises that he wants our relationship to continue and he won't stand in the way. We will see.

Tomorrow we will see them again for the last time. He won't let us see them on Sunday so we will have to enjoy them as he allows.

Please pray for me as this is much harder than I expected. I am so torn because they are acting different (which is understood). I know it comes from not talking to us for a long time. I am hoping he will allow us to continue calling them but I am sure he will be listening in. He thinks we are going to tell them that we are their parents not him. What he does not understand is I will do nothing to confuse or hurt them. Trust is a big issue with Nicaraguans.

I'll update you more as the time passes. For now please pray for our day tomorrow and that the dad will chill out a little and let us have a conversation with them without him in the middle of it.

Please also pray for my Logan as he is sick with a cold. I had to leave him that way and it breaks my heart that he is home feeling horrible and I'm not there to "baby" him.

God Bless and thanks for covering me in prayer.