Finally access to a computer..

I know many of you have been emailing me asking what is going on and I´m sorry but I have not had much access to a computer. Today is our last day. We will be flying out at 1:55 am tonight-morning. We need to fly home on the 8:oo am flight home in the morning. Please pray we get on this flight. We are flying with a buddy pass so  there is no guarantee we will get a seat. We will have already been up for 24 hours by then.

I have so much to update you on. Will need many many prayers going forward but right now I only have a minute to type so it will have to wait.

I would appreciate your prayers as today I am sick. I am emotionally drained unlike any other trip and I am wore out as I have not slept much this entire week and the night has not even come yet.

I appreciate all the prayers so far and know that you are keeping me lifted up.

Much more to come.