Never Ending Journey Part 4

The day has finally come and we received our approved home study yesterday after two weeks longer than it should have been. I wrote a letter begging for an expedited fingerprint appointment. Typically it takes up to 4 weeks to get it and that's just way to long from now in my plans. Maybe God has another.

The pressure is starting to build on me for the first time.

I have many people tell me they can't believe how strong I am through all this and I have evaluated myself during this 2 1/2 years and found that I have been stronger than most people, NOTICE I SAID I HAVE BEEN... That strength is getting less and less as I get closer.

My faith in God's promises and His faithfulness has given me all the strength I have up until now, now I'm allowing the enemy to put junk in my head that is keeping me up at night. I try hard to put it out and stay strong but everything that could come against us right now is making it extremely hard to stay focus.

Please pray for us. This is a time in our lives that we can't do this on our own.

I am dealing with all the stress of leaving my children here with my husband who is in the middle of trying to start a business. I feel like if I don't go to Nicaragua I am letting Karen down and if I do go I am abandoning Terry at a time he needs his business partner, his wife, his friend and the mother of his kids.

I am trusting God to show me the way and to make sure before I board a plane that this is truly what we are suppose to do. I have asked over and over and got the same answer so why am I questioning it now? Now is when it really counts...

My need you to pray specifically for some things.

1. We will be given an appointment to have our fingerprints done ASAP. Not in 4 weeks. 2. All the finances needed for our family budget will be met and all the money needed for me to live in Nicaragua will be met. 3. I will quickly get appointments with the people I need to when I arrive in Nicaragua 4. Terry will get appointments for our new photography studio. 5. While I am gone Terry will be able to run our business without me and raise my boys without me with the least amount of issues. 6. Pray against sickness. Right now in Nicaragua, flies are carrying a disease that is making lots of people very very sick. 7. Pray I will be strong and not allow the enemy to lie to me and cause me to worry about something God has total control over. 8. Pray all the logistics work out for me to do my part time job I currently do from home in Nicaragua. I can't afford to lose this job and my boss is going to let me try. I am walking on then ice and can't afford any problems. 9.Cover my children, their emotional and physical state.

I am sure there are more things and I will update you as I have them. This is no longer my journey, this is the journey of all of us. For such a time as this God put me in a place I can send my prayer needs to almost 100 people. Not many people adopting have that privilege and I find comfort in knowing that I am not in this alone. I never know how many actually get this or read this so I go on the fact that I'm sending it by faith just like I'm walking by faith.

As soon as I get the appointment date I will plan what day I am leaving. I'll let you know something when God let's me know something.

Thanks again for being here during one of the most difficult times in our lives.

Angie & Terry

PS. If you sponsor a child with Operation Education and you would like to send them a letter, card or something. You need to send it to me this week. I hope to be gone by the end of this month.