Just need to make something right..

I need to take a minute to correct something that I said that came out wrong in my last post and I am sure you would not have even noticed but someone did and I want to correct it. I mentioned in my last email that my home study took two weeks longer than I wanted and that is really not true.

There was a misunderstanding on my part that I should have gotten it sooner than I did and that was incorrect.

The adoption agency that I use is WONDERFUL and I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about adopting at all.

Without them I could not have made it through this process and actually now that I know the process of how this all works I realize that they moved mountains to get it to me as fast as they did.

So I want to apologize to them for saying anything that made them look like they were at fault and to praise them for going over and above to help me get this done in such a timely fashion.

If you have friends interested in adopting domestic or internationally please tell them to check this agency out. You won't find a better one around here. Godly people, doing Godly things for the Kingdom and God's chosen ones.

Thanks Christian Adoption Services for all your hard work.

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Christian Adoption Services

624-134 Matthews Mint Hill Road

Matthews, NC   28105


"Behold children are a heritage of the Lord"...

Psalm 127:3