Need Board Games and Rated G DVD's

While visiting the orphanage in March I realized the kids had no games to play and had a dvd player but only one DVD. I would like to take them some to play with but have a very low budget.

I'm looking for board games that don't have reading requirements. Examples are:

Trouble Jinga Connect 4 Mouse Trap Operation Old Main Cards

I am sure there are many more but I just can't think of them after such a long day.

If you have any of these type of board games that you would be willing to donate I need them ASAP so email me and I will find a way to get them from you.

I would love to bless them with Rated G dvd's that come in Spanish. Just check the language on the back and if it says English and Spanish I would love to have them. (NO Spanish Subtitles please, most of the kids are too little to read or would struggle reading). Looking for any kind of DVD's as long as they are Rated G. There are 23 kids there, most young girls and a few teenage boys.

Please check your games and dvd's and if you have some not being used why not bless an orphanage.

Email me and I'll find away to get them from you. If you are not sure about a game or dvd just email me.

Thanks so much for being a blessing to others.