My journey end today...

Well after a very long long week it is time for me to come home. I really don't want to leave but I know in my heart that my time here is over.  I am at peace with coming home so I guess it is not meant for me to be here during these last moments.

Last night during the 9 o'clock visit the nurse gave Oscar a shot and he jerked as if it hurt. This was a natural thing to happen but the parents immediately saw it as he can feel something which then cause a great deal of issues to arise.

I truly felt if he did not pass on his own last night it would be time for me to go. I have done all I can for him and now only the machines and God can help him.

I am at peace that God has Oscar in his hands and it will only be a matter of time until his body wears out. The doctor says they can only force him to live for a period of time. At some point the medicine they are giving will no longer keep his body functioning enough to live and he will hopefully pass on his own. I am praying that if God wants him to come home he will take him because the parents will never pull the vent. They think t that one day no matter how long it will take he will wake up.

I tried to explain things to them but they will hear none of it. It is so sad. They feel they would be killing him if they pull the vent. I can't imagine what that would feel like either. So we wait. The gov't will allow them to keep him on the vent for as long as he is body will allow it.

Please just pray for God's will. That is all we can pray for how.

Carlos just called and he is at the hospital and they are discussing if he is stable enough to move to do the wave test.

I will not be able to know much now that I am not there. The parents don't ever ask questions and get facts. We will be limited in what we find out from now.

Please pray they are more aggresive to ask questions instead of just accepting what they are told.

I will be home after 6 and will call Carlos who is staying at the hospital for me today.

Until then...