Another bad night...

Well this mornings meetings with the doctors found to be disturbing again. In the night his blood pressure dropped way to low and his heart is not beating enough beats to keep the blood flowing fast enough.

The doctor basically told us that he is clinically dead at this point. They are giving him special medicine to keep his blood pressure at a minimum and they are giving him special oxygen because his brain is not functioning enough to tell his body to work.

The doctor said they have taken him off any medicine that was keeping him asleep so he can wake up any time but due to his condition they feel he won't ever wake up on his own.

The nuro doctor did the reflex test again today and there was no response at all. He wants to do the wave test again but all the doctors in charge of him agreed that moving him to another room would cause him to die immediately. He can not be moved at all because his body is living off of all the machines. They are giving me some type of adrenaline medicine to make his heart pump also.

In the morning they will access his condition and determine if he is able to be moved or not to do the wave test again. They only want to do the test to prove to the parents that he is already brain dead.

I do not even know how to ask you to pray anymore for Oscar. I suppose we need to just pray for his parents and for me and trust God has already done what he needs to do for Oscar.

I have one specific request for me. I am to leave in the morning at 10. There is no way to tell what is going to happen in the morning and even if they declare him brain dead his mom has already said she will not remove the tubes. So, with that said I think it is ok for me to come on home but I personally do not want to leave at this point.

If he passes on his own today or tonight of course I will not come home but if he does not I will have to decide if I will get on that plane. I went to the airlines office here to check on the price to change the ticket and because I took a note from the doctor they waved the $250 change fee and it will not cost me anything to get a new ticket. The biggest problem is I can't come home until Tuesday because there are not seats on any flights out.

Additionally, we have to work on Saturday and Tuesday and I am having to ask staff to do a job they are not ready to do. I trust they can do it but it will be a little rocky on my husband.

I want to be here for the family and they need me to fight for them. I really am in a fight for Oscar because you have to push them to do everything, however, I need to do what is right by my family as well. This trip is costing a lot lot more we have and I will be the only to pay for the funeral as well I am sure.

I am not giving up on God at all but I am also at peace if God chooses to take him home. He is in a much better place if that happens.

I have asked Terry to pray about what I should do. Leave or stay. It's easier for him to make this decision because I am way to tired to be making it and way to emotionally connected. Pray for wisdom for him.

For now we wait on any changes to take place or for him to pass or for a wonderful miracle from God. He is in God's hands now and it is up to God to do what he wants.

I do ask that you pray that if God wants to have Oscar that he takes him and do not make Francisca to decide to pull the vent.

Also, she got a call today and found out that the judge that decided to let her go has been over turned and they are telling her she must report back to prison on the 18th. She will not get an extension this time.

Can you imagine the stress that is causing Francisca?

Many things to pray for.. Many needs. I appreciate all your prayers and ask for you to continue praying.

I'll let you know something when I can.