God's Will Has Been Done

I got home last night around 10:00. It was truly the longest ride from Nicaragua I have ever taken. Oscars condition had not changed yesterday but it has today.

It is with the greatest sadness to tell you that he went to be with God finally this morning.

His battle is over and he is now completely Healed...

I am at peace that he is in heaven now but extremely sad that I was not there. I wanted to stay so bad yesterday but felt I had responsibilities at home I had to be here for. I have to just deal with the fact I guess it was not meant for me to be there during this time.

If I had some frequent flyer miles I would leave today again but I don't. If you have some you would like to give away I would take them but would need them ASAP.

Carlos says the family is doing as good as expected. I had prepared them Thursday night the best I could.

Please pray for me as this hurts much more than I expected.

I know that the family would want me to tell all of your how much they appreciate your prayers and support for them.

Please continue to pray for them during this time. They will have a "wake" tomorrow which will last 24 hours and then they will bury him.

We are taking care of the burial arrangements for them since of course they do not have the resources to do so.

Thanks again for everything.