Keep Praying It's Working..

Praise God today Logan is up and walking around and eating a meal for the first time in two days. We are not home free just yet. We have to go to the airport in the morning and get through customs in Houston with all of us coughing. The problem with that is we have to sign a paper saying we don't have any coughing or issues. I am not sure at what point they make us fill that out but of course I don't want to lie about it but I also don't want carried away into some room and put under a microsope either.

Alisha and Erin both went to the doctor and both have different problems, none of which we appear to have here. Continue to pray that we don't get any more symptoms than the coughing we have. All fever has been gone now for over 12 hours and by the time we fly it will be 24 hours.

We will all need to go to the doctor and be checked for swine flu since we are in a country that has had it and we have coughing, a lot of it and fever. It is best to be safe than sorry. Please pray for the Alisha and Erin as their bodies have already been affected much worse than ours. Alisha was seen today by a doctor and diagnosed positive for swine but Erin was not. So we all will need to be tested as soon as we get home. We are praying against it and trusting God.

Many great things happen on this trip. It is not a surprise we find ourselves like this. It is not unusual for teams to get sick after the great work they do. We however speak the Word of God against it and command it to leave US ALONE. By HIS Stripes we ARE healed.. This sickness has to go, it has no authority to stay here.

Lift us up in prayer as we leave in the morning at 2:00 your time.