Continue Praying....

Please continue praying as Jordon is doing much better but Logan is much worse. He has had a high fever all day and is throwing up and has a lot of pain in his head from the fever when the medicine wears off. We have gotten medicine for him and see some change but not much.

I too and now sick but not with fever. Just feeling really bad and I have a bad cough. This is how all of them started.

Alisha wrote me from the states and she is also home with a fever and bad cough.

Dr. Anderson feels it is an infection from the dust. An man were we in the dust this week.

Tomorrow I am too meet with Mi Familia, obviously I can not go if I am sick. Pray this passes and I do not get the fever like the others. I am feeling pretty bad right this minute and can tell my body is having a hard time breathing.

Your prayers are so needed. PUSH.. Pray UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS...