Urgent Prayer Request

Last night Logan started with a high fever. He has some kind of upper respiratory infection. In addition to that Jordon has now got that same fever and is very very sick. After two doses for Tylenol Logan's fever is under control but he feels pretty bad. The girls left for home this morning and Alisha was also very weak and sick. I had to leave them at the airport because I can't go passed security so please pray for her and Erin as they will fly to Houston and have to go through customs. They don't like sick people coming into the US.

My doctor friend who lives in Managua is in Somotillo today. Not good. I do not want to take Jordon or Logan to a Nic hospital or to see an unknown Nic doctor.  We are waiting for the pharmacy to open and will get some kind of medicine for them but I am expecting GOD to heal them.

The girls are to arrive in just minutes and now will not get to see them as well as they will not be able to see Oscar.

Please pray this sickness goes away fast. Terry and I also are coughing pretty bad but no fever.

Cover us in prayer today no matter what time you get this message.

Thanks so much.