You prayers are working.. Keep them coming..

We are at the airport in Managua on our way to Houston. All of us are doing well. Just a small cough every once in a while from us. Terry's sinuses is draining and that is all he has. Logan and Jordon is back to normal and I'm now feeling much better. We went to the top of a huge mountain and was walking in the clouds. Our heads got really wet and the air really messed our sinuses up. I really think for us that is all that is going on but to be safe we will go to the doctor tomorrow. I got really hot a little while ago and thought I had a fever but it was a false alarm.

My biggest concern is for the others on the plane. If we are in fact sick I of course do not want to make them sick.

I have prayed and prayed for discernment and feel ok with us flying. None of us have the symptoms as of now that the girls have. I just pray God has protected us from getting sicker and therefore is protecting the others that will fly with us.

I trust the Lord's healing power and I expect him to take care of me.

So the next time I write I will be home and healthy, in the Name of Jesus.