I need you to P.U.S.H.

Pray Until Something Happens.. I personally believe that God's word clearly tells us to Ask, Believing and You SHALL Receive so I pray once and the rest of the time I pray thanking Him for answering my first prayer. That's what I ask of you to do for me as well.  Here's what I need.

1. I have been struggling for years with different symptoms in my body and have always thought it was an under active thyroid. Two of my aunts have one and I have all the symptoms they have had. My blood work comes back fine but yet I have all the signs so doctors just say I'm ok. I went to a wellness doctor who feels 110% that I have it and along with other tests he ran feels certain if I don't change my eating habits and my stress levels that I will be over 300 lbs in two years. (I gained 25 lbs in 45 days).  My insurance will not pay for him to treat me so on March 26th I have an appointment to see an Endocronlogist to see if they agree with is diagnoses and give me meds that are not synthetic. Insurance will pay to see this doctor. Pray with me that this doctor will not look at my blood work but look at all the symptoms I have struggled with for years. The wellness doctor has told me I can not eat any sugar, carbs or bread and so for two weeks I have pretty much ate meat, salad and eggs. My body is going through detox and I have the energy of a dead log and feel pretty horrible most days. I leave for Nicaragua on March 7th. I need my energy back. I believe I am healed by the stripes of Jesus and I expect these symptoms to go away, until they do pray I have the strength to endure and this doctor will have the wisdom needed to take me down the right direction. Lord, I thank you for perfect healing...

2. I am in need of finding more opportunities to share what God is doing in Nicaragua. I need more churches and people to get involved. My resources are limited now that I lost my part-time job last August but the needs never slow down. Please pray that I will see the doors that God will open for me and I will walk through them. He promises in Rev. 3:7 that He will open doors that no man can shut. I'm looking for those doors now. Lord thank you for the open doors you have for me and for the new opportunities to tell more people about your plans for my little community in Nicaragua.

3. I need to raise $1500 to purchase a motorcycle for Pastor Arturo. He is so faithful to minister to the people in Ceibita but it is huge sacrifice and struggle for him to go there. A motorcycle would change his life. It's tax season so I am believing God that someone I know who got a large amount back would feel led to sow into this Pastor and help me bless him. Lord thank you for the people in my life and the people who have an abundance and can bless this Pastor. Thank you for Pastor Arturo's love for the people of Ceibita and for his faithfulness. Thank for you allowing me to be a part of your plan for him and for the provision to buy him a motorcycle.

4. The house that's being built for Antonio is at a stopping point because I need to raise $800 to fix his bathroom and kitchen area and connect him to the water system. He and his family are having to live in a very small house with his parents right now. I am looking for families to host a jewelry party for me so I can raise that $800. If you would be interested in hosting a party at your home please let me know. Every dime counts right now. Please pray for opportunities for me to sell the jewelry I have. Lord thank you for being faithful and taking care of your children. Antonio and his family are your children and they love you and desire to have their own home. Thank you for my home and for the home Antonio will soon live in. I know that You will bless me with the money to help him get moved into his house.

5.  Last September I got a letter from the IRS temporary terminated my non-profit status until I could correct a problem that was found. I have corrected it and sent the paperwork and paid the penalty. Please pray they will hurry up and reinstate it. It's frustrating waiting on them. Pray it lands on the desk of a believer who pushes it through the red tape process. I've waited a long time. They say it can take up to 6-8 months.  Lord, I thank you for a speedy solution to this problem.

So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.

Matt. 7:11

You can pray for anything and if you have faith you will receive it.

Matt. 21:22

Will you pray with me and watch God supply?