Preparing to Leave

On Thursday I will leave for Nicaragua with 3 other people from Charlotte and I will meet 30 more people in Managua. I am blessed to work for Ambassadors To The Nations who have been working in Nicaragua since 1992. It is an honor to not only serve the Lord with missions on my own but to partner with such a great organization and have that as my JOB every day also.

On the 13th I will leave then and meet Gwen Emmett at the airport and together we will head to Somotillo to bless a lot of people.

In January I sent tons of boxes by container to bless the kids and young adults. I can't wait to visit each home and hand them out. This will be the first time they will receive care boxes from the US. No every family was able to participate but through the blessings of Ambassadors every child will get a nice box.

I need the prayer warriors of this group to start praying now for me and this trip. My health is still an issue and the ability to eat healthy in Nicaragua is not convenient. Pray I find solutions to accommodate my strict diet. Additionally, pray for good weather, a unity among out teams and that the hearts of all the people we will minister to are open and ready to hear the Good News. Please also pray for my family as I am leaving Terry for 13 days with 3 kids and a business to run. I am so grateful I have a wonderful supportive husband.

I am excited to say I am only $300 short of being able to purchase the motorcycle for Pastor Arturo and I have raised enough money to purchase more than 30 chairs for the church and hopefully a podium for Pastor Arturo's bible. I just love blessing this man of God who sacrifices so much to bless my little community.

If you would still like to contribute toward any of the needs I sent out before there is still time. Just let me know.

I appreciate the prayers and I can't wait to give you a great report on what God's plans turn out to be.