December Trip Updated - Reposted

I am having blog problems today so if you have gotten this multiple times I am very sorry. Finally I found time to update you on my December trip but first I have to apologize that I don't have a lot of  pictures for you. A few weeks ago while I was working on a presentation for my church my hard drive crashed and I lost all my Nicaragua pictures from 2009 until now. I was and am devastated at this lost. The drive is currently at a repair place and they are estimating $510 to fix it. If they can it will be worth every dime but for now I only know they looking at it.

The trip in December was awesome as usual. My Pastors wife and I blessed a lot of kids and a lot of family members.

I don't have pictures of all the kids receiving their food and uniforms but I have some. In the pictures you will see some of the kids with two large black bags. One bag is their uniforms, school supplies and shoes and the other bag is food.  Click here to view those pictures.

We also blessed both communities with their favorite foods. Ceibita received a rice dish that comes with chicken in it and some vegetables and Pala Grande wanted fried chicken, rice and salad. We played games with both communities and just enjoyed the day. Click here to view those pictures.

One of the best moments for me was to drive up and see the first structure of a church. Someone purchased the land for the community and the local church paid for the metal structure to be built. Now all we need are the walls, doors and windows. We are trusting God for resources to purchase the much needed materials to complete this church. It will truly be a dream come true for me. Here's a picture of the structure. img_05511

Most of you will remember my driver Antonio who I have been trying to bless with a new house for some time now. He and his brother are building his house to cut the labor cost down which is a huge blessing. I need to raise an additional 2,000 to finish the house and $800 of that for him to be able to move in now.  I am thanking God now that He will provide soon for the remaining amount. Click here to view those pictures. The pig is his neighbor who thinks he lives at the front of his house.

If you would like to see how people live in this community check out the pictures of one of the houses in Ceibita. This is a typical house. It's a mud house made from a little mud, a little cement and straw. It attacks every spider you can imagine and is like living in a cellar. Rainy season is horrible for them because it's moldy and stinks when the mud gets wet not to mention how the structure gets weaker and weaker over time. The family who owns the second house you will see will be getting a new home soon thanks to my Pastor and his wife who are the sponsors of the two kids who live in it. We are so blessed to live in homes that don't leak rivers and spiders don't eat insects off the wall all day and night. Click here to view those pictures.

On a current note:

Two weeks ago I was blessed to put tons of things on a container and send it to Nicaragua. Tickets are purchased and in March I will go and see my kids again. This trip I will be having a birthday party for all the kids with cake, decorations, pinata's, games and music and most important presents for every child.  This will be the first party any of these kids have ever had. I can't wait to make it special for them. In addition to gifts for the kids I will be able to bless the orphanage with a new freezer and many great things to help them.  Looking forward to ministering to many people in March.

I can't believe it's already February 2013. I can't wait to see what God has planned for this year. Every year He continues to amaze me.

Prayer Needs: There are some specific things I need right now. Thank you in advance for seeking God on our behalf.

1. I have several students who want to go to college that I still don't have sponsors for.

2. Provision to finish Antonio's House.

3. Provision to finish the church walls

4. $1600 to buy Pastor Arturo a motorcycle.

5. Partners willing to sow on a monthly basis and churches I can speak at

As always thanks to each of you for sowing into my life this past year and I know God has great plans for 2013.

Angie & Terry Honeycutt