2013.. A New Year for God to show off

In a few hours it will be 2013. What happen to 2012? This year was a really hard year for my family. I won't lie I am glad to see it gone. God blessed us in many ways and I know 2013 will just get better. I pray it is your best year ever..

I am working on pictures today and tomorrow and hope to have them updated on my site for you to see how the December trip went.

The kids has a great time receiving their school packages and their gifts for Christmas. I have gotten word from the orphanage that they too were very happy with their new clothes, shoes and toys for Christmas.

The Lord has opened a door for me to send items to Nicaragua on a container this January and I am still in need of some items. Could you please check your "junk" and see if they can become my "treasures". If so I need them by January 11th and no a day later. (Have to get things loaded that weekend).

1. Stainless Steel pots and pans for the Orphanage.

2. Reel Lawn movers, the kind you push and have no engine. (Thanks Alan for the one I have already)

3. Adult Small or Medium boys/men's shirts (new or very very close to new) (Can no longer send anything used through a container)

4. Plastic store containers with lids. (any sizes)

5.  Spanish Bibles

6.  Tarps ( the blue kind) large sizes preferred

7. Kids Rated G or PG Spanish DVD movies (must have Spanish Language written on them, not subtitles) new or used

8. Small Deep Freezer.

9. 2 Digital Cameras

10. Money to buy these things. (If you would like to buy any of these things just contact me for more info)

If you have any of these items and are willing to donate them just let me know and we will work on getting together to get them.

For all the Operation Education parents if you are planning on sending your child a care package I need it by January 11th. I have letters I am working on sending out to you from your kids. Please send one back to them if possible but make sure it is translated in Spanish. You can use Google Translate.

Thanks so much for all the prayers and support in 2012. We accomplished a lot for the Kingdom of God you should be proud, I know God is. Can't wait to see what He is going to do this year...

More to come..


The bags of uniforms waiting to be distributed.