December 2012 Trip

We have been in Nicaragua for three days already.. Time is going so fast this trip. We visited the community of Ceibita today and blessed the community with a traditional meal. It will be for most the only meat they will get until I feed them again.

We also played some fun games with the kids and even had a couple of clowns tell them an awesome story.

I have sponsored several baseball teams in the years and I have never been here when one is playing until today.  They even won their game with a tie breaking slide into home for the finish. It was awesome!!!!

Tomorrow we will distribute the Operation Education kids with their uniforms and back packs along with school supplies. We will also be giving out 100 pair of new shoes, t-shirts, and candy.

On Tuesday we will bless the community of Pala Grande with the same items as Ceibita and at night we will bless them with ice cream and a movie.. Can't wait..

On Wednesday our day will be consumed by the orphanage. I personally can't wait for this one because I have some nice things for them. They are struggling right now and need some encouragement..they are going to love their new DVD player. Thanks so much Kim..

Thursday will be a rest day and tourist day to show my Pastor's wife around Managua.

Friday we will head home.

Please cover us in prayer as we minister to these kids. Today we prayed for a teenager named Acner who has what looks like a tumor on his neck. He goes to the hospital in the morning to get the results of the biopsy. We commanded that lump to go and we expect it to obey. Agree with us that God is the only doctor he will ever need to see.

The  sole reason we are here  is to show these people how much God loves them. Pray this week they will see Jesus through us.

Blessings to all...