His work continues...

It's that time again to continue my work in Nicaragua. We are heading down at the end of February to continue the work that was started in August. The garden project was very successful based on what I was told but I need to see it and hear the comments myself from the families so the only way to do that and plan for a future project is to go there.

Going there also means I will be in the same city with my girls. Will I get to see them? We are not sure but are believing God that the man that has them will have compassion toward us and give us some time with them.

In order to go on this trip we need your prayers. The economy has made things hard for our business this past quarter and now which has caused our finances to be less than desired.

Just yesterday I had no idea how I was going to get here and this morning God showed up and I found an amazing price on the airline ticket. He is working already on my behalf but there is much more to come.

All last year I went to Nicaragua 8 times and did not ask for support from anyone but this trip I have no other choice.

Times are really hard for all of us and I understand as much as anyone so I ask if each of you reading this would pray and ask God if it is his will for you to support this trip and the work the Lord has for me to do.

My plans for this trip include researching other places that need to hear God's word, other villages that need to learn to grow their own food and provide for themselves and hopefully meeting the people with another ministry who are looking for a team to come this summer to help with an orphanage.

I know God has plans for great things to happen this year but in order to do them I need support especially prayer support. Please join with me in praying that all that is need for this trip will come forth.

I have planned a budget for this trip and because of the airfare discount I will only need to raise about $1500 total for me and Terry. Normally a trip to Nicaragua is $1100 - $1200 a piece. So you can see that God is already doing his thing to help us get there.

Without your prayers none of what I do is possible. Please pray specifically for the following:

Finances to come in by February 20th Connections with the right people Wisdom about future projects Open doors with the new ministry Opportunity to visit with the girls Lives to be changed Peace in my heart as I return to where the orphanage is but none of my kids are there Safety and protection as we travel Safety and protection for my boys that we will leave behind

I could not have done all that I have thus far without the prayers of my friends. I appreciate them more than you can know and I know together we can move mountains in order to meet the needs of this trip.

If you feel led to be a part of this trip financially (remember no amount is too small or too big) please mail your check to  this address by February 20th:

The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC 28214

Will you partner with me to make a difference in the Kingdom of God?

I am praying for you as I know you are praying for us.

Angie & Terry