The Latest on Carmen and Isamar

Lots of you are asking what is going on with the girls and I'm sorry I have not updated you but honestly its been really hard to talk about. On December 5th, Isamar's birthday, her dad picked up the girls and moved them to his house in Managua which is 3 1/2 hours from the orphanage.

Since then we have been able to have contact with the dad to ask how the transition was going. Of course, he said all was well with the girls. We know from other sources that they do not want to be there and continue to ask if they can go back to the orphanage.

On Christmas Eve my translator from Nicaragua called to wish me a Merry Christmas and to give me the best present ever. The dad had agreed to let us talk to the girls that night at 8 and it was a suprise to the girls.

I called and the sounds of their voice was wonderful. Carmen was so excited she could hardly talk. Isamar was her quite self but excited as well. The dad was listening on speaker so there was not much said other than the normal things. Carmen just kept asking when were we coming to see her again. We told her we hope to come in March and she told us to hurry up.. :)

We are not sure if the dad will allow us to see them or not but he says he will. Please pray with us that we can at least continue having a relationship with them even if we can't adopt them.

We truly don't belive this is over. This man never intended to have two girls in his home and can barely afford one. The outcome is truly in God's hands.

Another Nicaraguan friend called the girls this week to check on them and all they wanted to talk about was that I had called and was coming soon to see them. Knowing the excitement in thier hearts to see us keeps us going.

Please join in prayer with us that we can go soon to see them. The economy has really hurt our finances and is making things more difficult. I am looking for any kind of work I can find to raise money so keep me in mind when it comes to fixing computers, training, or just about anything. If I can physically do it I will.

The updates on the girls will be slim since we have no communication with them directly so if you don't hear anything from me it's because I have nothing new to report.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support and please continue to pray that God's will for these girls are done, not MAN's.