Ways you can help in a time when money is tight

If anyone knows what tight is our family does. Pictures are a great thing to have but not necessary to carry on life. Several people have said, "Angie I wished we could help but we just don't have any extra" .

Being a budget minded person and a mission minded person I have taken a look at our own lives and ask can I find extra?

Here are some examples of how must people spend money outside of the normal bills each month and the amounts we are spending.

Lunch after church - $25 - $30 4 times a month Pizza on Friday night - $20 - 2 times a month Starbucks - $3.50 - $4.50 2 times a week Drive thru at McDonalds - $10 - $15 4 times a month A case of Dasani water - $8.00 2 times a month Watching a movie - $30 - $40 for the average size family

Total spent - $312


Eat at home after church- $10 4 times a month Pizza on Friday night bought at Walmart $12 - 2 times a month Make your own coffee at home - $1 2 times a week Eat before you leave so you don't need to go through drive thru at McDonalds - $5 4 times a month Nestle bottled water (the same water as Dasani) - $3.00 2 times a month Rent a movie from the library  - free with library card 

Total amount spent -  $98 and you still get to have everything and can still donate $25 to missions

This is not to make anyone feel guilty about spending. It's your money and you can do with it all you want. The point is that God wants us to be good stewards of our money and when it comes to giving it seems we never have enough to give but when it comes to other things there is always enough.

In this economy we all need to look at our spending and ask if we are living how God would approve. We all have to cut back but sadly the church gets hit the most.

Can you give up lunch after church twice in a month and donate that money spent to help others share the gospel?

What changes can you make in your life that could save you money that would be better spent increasing the kingdom of God?

Just something to consider. I'm challenged to change things are you?

God bless,