God's Will

I just came from the hospital where I have had many conversations with a team of doctors. In the night Oscar took another turn for the worse.

To make a long long story short I will just say that a the medicine to take the swelling from his brain is not working and they have tested him and found the "roots to the brain" (that is what they call it) has no stimulation at all. They are not sure of the severity of damage but are certain that there is lots of it.

The test showed very little action in his brain and he is now on a ventilator. They will retest him in the morning and if there is no improvement they will declare him brain dead and ask the parents to remove the vent.

I am not trained to handle this. Emotionally I am not ready to deal with this but I find myself in a position that I am so not qualified for or ready for. I am trying hard to encourage them that God's knows best but no matter what I say how do you tell a mom it is or is not best to allow nature to take its course.

Needless to say I am now not heading to Somotillo and will stay with the family as much as possible. It amazes me how fast things can turn.

Please pray that I have wisdom in how to encourage them and pray with them. This is so hard. I want God's will for Oscar but I also don't want to loose him. The parents feel like they are giving up on God if they pull the vent, I am not sure how to explain they are not so pray I say the right words. God's words.

Here is different. There are no funeral homes. If he passes we have to take his body home which is 3 1/2 hours. I can not drive his body to Somotillo in my car. I just can't. I am going to try find another option because the rental car I have only holds 5 and there is 7 of us.

I want to be very cautious what I confess. I trust God to do what is best by Oscar. I trust him to take him home when he is ready but I also have to be realistic and have some idea of what to do if it happens. Pray for supernatural strength.

I most likely will not be online again today. I plan on staying all night at the hospital outside with the dad in my car. The doctors are not sure how much longer his body can hold on if at all and I do not want to be away if that happens.

I will update you as soon as I can and you can email Terry at thp@carolina.rr.com if you don't hear from me. Most likely if I don't write back you will know what has happen.

We are still standing strong on the word of God and knowing that we want God's perfect will for Oscar. We know he can heal his body and a miracle we need. We claim that miracle over Oscar in the name of Jesus.

Thanks for praying and please continue to do so.

God Bless,