Eyes are responding...

This morning I arrived at the hospital and the nuro doctor was walking out. The dad said he saw him with Oscar this morning already so of course I immediately thought maybe he has done the test already. We stopped him and ask and in fact he had and found a considerable amount of change. Not enough to declare a healing miracle just yet but a difference.

He did a reflex test and his legs responded where as yesterday nothing happen.

He shined a light into his eyes and one of the eyes reacted where as yesterday neither responded.

He ran the nuro test again and the brain waves were more than yesterday by a little amount.

Needless to say this is a huge improvement from one day to the next. They have been giving him the medicine to reduce the swelling in his brain and feel it is starting to work more.

The doctor said that in the morning he will redo the reflex test, if his reflexes are the same he will wait until Friday to do another wave test, if they are worse or better he will redo the brain waves test to see if there is any improvement or not.

This is really good news and has made a major change for Oscar's mom Francisca. Yesterday was a horrible day for her and she did not eat or drink much at all. I have had to force her to eat. Unfortunately, she is having some bad pain from the surgery which is making matters worse. Today she saw the doctor to make sure it was nothing serious and they will followup with an ultrasound next week but feel it is more from the stress than anything and gave her some pain medicine.

Last night during the visit someone came into the room that Francisca is living in and stole all she and her niece had. All of their belongings were taken in addition to the stuff I had bought for Oscar like the towels, his clothes, pj's, her makeup, everything. How cruel for this to happen the night before she thought she was going to hear her child was brain dead.

The doctor is not jumping for joy just yet but feels these are good signs. He said it is to early to tell and we will just have to wait and see what happens in the next day or so and to keep praying. He said there are still many serious things that has happen and we need to just keep our focus on praying for him.

I choose to believe this is God's hand working. I am only here for another day and have to leave early on Friday. I am expecting some really good news before I leave.

I am so glad I have been hear because there have been so many things I have had to take care of. The family is very passive and just receive what ever is given and do not stand up for their rights to know what is going on. If I had not been here the doctor would not have been pushed to do more tests and get the nuro doctor involved. They were going to just say he was brain dead and be done with it and ask her to pull him off the vent days too soon.

The doctors here are treating me like I am the parent since I asking so many questions and challenging them to do more. They do the bare minimum here and find it easier to just give up. Praise God I am very stubborn person some days.

Please continue to pray for more stimulation to occur and for the other symptoms to go away.

I will see the "regular" doctor again this afternoon to find out about the pneumonia and the heart attack issues.

I will keep you posted as I have new information.

Thanks so much for everyone who is praying and sending me encouragement. I need it. Please pray for my health as I have not be able to sleep well and it is the hottest I have ever experienced in Managua. My body is not handling the lack of sleep and the heat well and I am extremely emotionally exhausted. I know it is just the enemy trying to wear me out but that is not going to happen because my heart is much stronger.

Praise God with me for these changes. He is working and your prayers are being answered.

I pray the next time I write it is a MIRACLE story to tell.